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Back Surgery Alternatives: Why You Should Consider Stem Cells

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cells for Back Pain

Any type of surgery carries risks. Used to incise, remove, repair, or destroy tissue as part of the treatment for a medical condition, surgery exposes patients to a variety of possible complications. Bleeding issues and blood clots, along with infection and nerve damage are just some of the most severe problems that could occur during and following a surgical procedure. In addition, individual genetic predispositions raise or lower the probability of problems occurring for each patient, which is the reason that surgery is often the last line of defense for many medical conditions. For people specifically suffering with back issues, though, surgery is also not a guarantee of pain relief, and is associated with multiple risks while offering no guarantee of lasting relief of their discomfort. . If you or a loved one has been told that surgery is the best (or only) option left to treat a painful back condition, there is often another option available: stem cell therapy. Here’s what you need to know about using stem cells as a back surgery alternative:

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Stem Cells Possess Regenerative Properties

Stem cells are special cells in the body that not only direct our initial development during gestation, but offer our bodies a way to renew damaged and decayed cells after birth. Indeed, stem cells have natural regenerative properties that allow them to initiate new cell growth across the span of our lives. For patients with back problems (which develop as a consequence of the deterioration of the spinal column, including its vertebrae, discs, joints and musculature), stem cells offer a minimally invasive corrective solution. Unlike invasive surgery involving artificial implants and/or bone fusion, stem cell therapy can be used to build tissue, repair damage, decrease inflammation  and strengthen the back, thus correcting instability and providing enduring pain relief.

Stem Cells are Proven Safe, Effective Back Surgery Alternatives

Research indicates that stem cell therapy is a safe and valid treatment option for many patients with chronic back pain and other orthopedic conditions. In numerous studies, stem cells have been shown to trigger an immune response that results in new cell division, proliferation and repair of damaged tissues.. Studies also suggest that stem cells can suppress inflammation, thereby significantly lessening patients’ pain.

Using Stem Cells as Back Surgery Alternatives Reduces Patients’ Risks

Because stem cell therapy is minimally-invasive and can be performed in an office based procedure room setting, it is often substantially less risky than surgery. Involving no major incisions, general anesthesia or lengthy rehabilitation, stem cell therapy allows most patients to to be discharged post-procedure with minimal discomfort and with no threat of bleeding, respiratory  and/or mobility issues when compared to surgery.

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To learn more about why stem cells are often effective back surgery alternatives, please contact one of our two ThriveMD offices. Our medical director, Dr. Scott Brandt is an expert in regenerative medicine treatments that utilize the body’s own regenerative properties to proliferate new cells and rebuild healthy tissue. He remains up-to-date with continuing stem cell research so that his patients have access only to safe, effective back surgery alternatives.

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