GAINSWave and Stem Cell Therapy – Breakthrough Treatments for ED in Denver

Scott Brandt, M.D. Erectile Dysfunction, Research, Stem Cell Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that has been reaching epidemic numbers – 1 out of 10 men globally suffer from the condition. ED affects not only men, but also their partners; it affects the quality of both their sex life and their overall happiness. When the men seek help for ED, they are often prescribed drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, that only address the symptoms. Worsening blood flow in the penis, the root cause of the problem, remains untreated with medication therapy.

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I am proud to say that thriveMD offers a profound new approach to treating ED. We have been helping ED patients for over five years by providing world class stem cell treatments and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Recently, we have added GAINSWave, a shockwave therapy, to our treatment options, to maximize ED patient results. While BHRT improves libido and helps restore chemical balance in the genitals, both stem cell therapy and GAINSWave help to regenerate tissue and improve blood flow, the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

How GAINSWave and Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work Together

How GAINSWave and Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work Together

The resulting improvement in blood flow helps any man, not only those with erectile dysfunction, to obtain stronger, larger and more sustainable erections.

How does GAINSWave work? GAINSWave, also known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, applies high frequency acoustical waves to the male genitals. This painless treatment helps break up the micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, improving erectile dysfunction. There are over 40 clinical studies demonstrating greater than 75% GAINSWave success rate in treating erectile dysfunction with shockwave therapy.

By utilizing the patient’s own adult stem cells and growth factors, stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction, is carried out by injecting this combination of regenerative cells into the penis. This has the potential to regenerate nerves, blood vessels, and erectile tissue to restore erectile function.

The combined application of these two therapies can work synergistically to maximize the reversal of ED symptoms. By helping the body to reestablish blood flow with GAINSWave, and additionally delivering stem cells to the damaged nerves and tissues, these two therapies are revolutionizing the way erectile dysfunction is treated.

An interesting benefit of GAINSWave is that the sound waves also have the ability to activate dormant stem cells in the penile tissue, further improving tissue regeneration. Other areas of synergy between GAINSWave therapy and stem cell treatments for ED include:

  • Addressing blood flow, the root cause of erectile dysfunction
  • Stronger and more sustainable erections
  • Medication-free
  • Out-patient & minimally invasive
  • Supported by scientific studies (e.g. GAINSWave study, stem cells for ED)

The Cons of Treating Erectile Dysfunction with Medication

We strive to provide ongoing education to our patients about the procedures performed at thriveMD as well as medication therapy. Here are some of the drawbacks of medication therapy in the treatment of ED:

  • Addresses only the symptoms, not the root cause
  • May increase blood pressure
  • The need to take a pill 30-60 minutes prior to sex limits spontaneity
  • Benefits of oral medications for ED cease when the patient stops taking them

The Future of Treating ED

It is no longer the case that erectile dysfunction is primarily attributed to psychological causes. Currently, the majority of cases have been demonstrated to be due to underlying organic disease causing diminished blood flow. The best treatments to reverse erectile dysfunction create improved blood flow and build stronger penile tissue. Our goal is to provide the best regenerative medical solutions to boost both sexual and overall health.

In 2018 and years to come, GAINSWave and autologous stem cell treatments are going to prove to be the best clinical strategies available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction – by specifically addressing the underlying cause of the disease process.

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