Regenerate Spinal Discs Naturally

How to Regenerate Spinal Discs Naturally

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You might think of the body as an amazing biological machine. And in many ways, the body is a well-honed piece of equipment, but our team here at ThriveMD believes it’s a lot more: not only can it autonomously power its individual parts, it can naturally repair and even replace them! What other machine can do all that?! 

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Take a look at how we are helping the body naturally regenerate spinal discs (a common target of severe degenerative effects), and thus, truly turning it into the ultimate biological machine:

How Regeneration Works

Regeneration is the process by which our bodies replenish lost, aging and diseased tissue. When cells get damaged or die, our bodies frequently initiate the growth of new cells to repair or replace them by summoning a specific type of cell — a stem cell — to begin replicating.

Stem cells are found in every tissue in the body and specifically cater to the repair of that tissue. Stem cells exist in abundance in multiple areas of the body, like blood and fat tissues, for example, and often move from place to place to help mend and replace certain types of defects when they occur.

This is how our hair and nails grow and how our skin remains visually intact even though we shed epithelial cells every day. It’s also how some types of lizards can grow new tails after an injury, deer can grow new antlers each year and our livers can regrow missing liver tissue following partial hepatectomy.

Using Stem Cell Therapy to Regenerate Spinal Discs Naturally

One of the most common physical problems for humans is the degradation over time of our intervertebral discs; the longer we live, the more our spines are subjected to normal wear and tear issues, disease and injury. But because our discs have a limited blood supply, there is no easy way for stem cells to access damaged ones, thus making disc repair especially problematic. 

Historically, treatment options for degenerative disc disease only included rest, strengthening exercises, medication and/or surgery. The last few decades, however, has ushered in a plethora of research validating the body’s ability to repair itself, especially when bolstered by orthobiologic regenerative therapy. In this way, science is facilitating the body’s natural regenerative processes and enabling us to live with significantly less pain and return to many of the activities that were impossible prior to treatment.

What This All Means

At ThriveMD, we use stem cell therapy to help regenerate spinal discs naturally. This is what our process looks like:

  • We harvest mesenchymal  stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow and adipose tissue.
  • Combine them with platelet-rich plasma made from his or her blood.
  • Create a cell-rich low volume aspirate that is then injected into the patient’s damaged disc(s) using live x-ray guidance (fluoroscopy). 

It is an office-based procedure carried out with light IV sedation with little to no discomfort, allowing stem cells to access and repair damaged discs; patients typically walk out of our office and recuperate at home over the next few days. Most patients return to their normal daily routine with certain exercise restrictions the day after the procedure.

If you would like to learn more about how spinal regenerative therapy can help you, please contact our office. We are leaders in the fields of regenerative medicine and interventional pain management with decades of experience in spinal injection therapy and the administration of stem cell therapies; we can help you find a treatment plan offering the best potential for success.

Scott Brandt, MD

Meet Our Doctor, Dr. Scott Brandt

Dr. Scott Brandt completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and attended medical school at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He then completed his anesthesiology residency training and internship at the University of Illinois and Michael Reese Hospitals in Chicago. Dr. Brandt has trained extensively across the country and become one of the nation’s top stem cell therapy doctors. He provides the highest quality patient care available. He continues to incorporate advancements in the field as rapidly as scientific evidence supports their addition. This combined with Dr. Brandt’s unparalleled expertise in minimally invasive injection techniques, utilizing live image guidance, allows him to ensure the best biologic solutions are placed exactly in the areas of tissue damage.

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