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Interventional Pain Management – Dr. Brandt and a 25-Year Retrospective

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Approximately twenty-five years ago, interventional pain management was a novel concept with less than 500 physicians actively using fluoroscopy to specifically target painful spine conditions. The “Interventional Pain Management Revolution”, began with physicians like Dr. Scott Brandt, who saw the value of using live X-Ray guidance to target these structures in a minimally-invasive manner.

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At the Forefront of Technology

The results of Dr. Brandt, and other physicians like him, were industry-wide shifts in applying new technologies to treat a variety of pain syndromes, and ultimately to help to beneficially alter people’s lives. Dr. Brandt was on the forefront of several pain management technologies early on. He continuously strives to stay ahead of the curve, and he now finds himself at the forefront of technology again in the regenerative medicine field.

“Dr. Brandt has been on the forefront of several pain management technologies.”
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Post written by Joeseph Krieger, President of Boston Biolife

Sharing Knowledge

As a leader in regenerative medicine, Dr. Brandt teaches at several courses including Boston BioLife’s regenerative medicine courses across the nation. Boston BioLife creates Hands-On training and education programs that facilitate the learning and understanding of the biochemistry of the next clinical frontier in regenerative medicine.

Dr. Brandt graciously gives his time to educate other colleagues on his experiences in the evolution of his multiple center clinics, thriveMD.

Successful Treatments

Dr. Brandt, through persistent innovation and staying at the forefront of scientific research, employs the best practices and good manufacturing policies. He has successfully treated hundreds of patients with the use of cutting edge biologics. Dr. Brandt sees the value of stem cells and other biologics in musculoskeletal medicine as well as other areas that he’s currently researching. Dr. Brandt is a student of the biochemistry of regenerative medicine. He is well-versed in the regulatory elements – embodying the elements of translational medicine.

“Dr. Brandt has successfully treated hundreds of patients with the use of cutting edge biologics.”

Boston Biolife

Dr. Brandt is willing to share his ideas to promote the field with colleagues and he is truly a leader in the field. We welcome and are honored to have Dr. Brandt as one of our esteemed faculty members at Boston BioLife. To learn more about Boston BioLife and regenerative medicine in general please visit

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Next Step

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