is stem cell therapy painful

Is Stem Cell Therapy Painful?

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Stem cell therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective alternatives to surgery when treating pain and a variety of medical conditions in patients of all ages around the world. 

While treating the pain associated with various conditions using stem cells is safe, many patients find themselves asking questions like “what are stem cells?” and  “is stem cell therapy painful?” Keep reading to learn the answer to these questions and more!

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What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells from which other cells with specific or specialized functions are produced. When maintained under the right conditions (either in the body or in a medical laboratory), stem cells will divide to form new cells called daughter cells. Daughter cells can then become new or specialized cells with their own unique function; this can include blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, and more. No other type of cell has the natural ability to generate new cell types within the body, making stem cells very unique.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Healthcare professionals around the world believe that stem cell studies can bring about a new understanding of various diseases as they allow researchers and medical professionals the ability to watch stem cells develop into specialized cells, giving them an idea of how diseases can develop throughout the body. For this reason, stem cells are considered to be one of the most valuable tools in the healthcare industry for research and diagnostic purposes. 

In addition to being used for research purposes, stem cells can also be injected during non-surgical treatments in order to treat pain throughout the body. This is accomplished when the injected stem cells develop into specific cells that can regenerate and repair tissues that have been damaged or weakened as a result of various diseases or other complications. Stem cells can effectively stimulate your body’s own natural healing processes, and are proven to repair and replace tissue that has broken down over time or has been traumatized from injury, overuse, or as a result of other medical conditions or complications.

Patients who are most likely to benefit from stem cell therapy include:

  • Those with spinal cord injuries 
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more 
  • Patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke

This type of regenerative medicine is not only safe and effective but when administered by professionals at clinics like ThriveMD, is virtually painless as well.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Painful?

So, is stem cell therapy painful? Luckily for many patients, the answer is no. When patients undergo stem cell therapy for issues like backaches, joint pain, and erectile dysfunction, or for pre-existing medical conditions such as those listed above, they are typically administered a painless injection while under anesthesia.

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