Mobile IV Nutrient Therapy case

Mobile IV Nutrient Therapy Case Report

Scott Brandt, M.D. Elevate IV, Hangover Healer, IV Nutrients, Mobile IV

I run a regenerative medicine clinic in Vail, Colorado which is located at approximately 8000 feet above sea level. As a result of this, many of the calls we receive for mobile IV nutrient therapy are due, in part, to dehydration. Exercising and drinking alcohol at this altitude also compounds the baseline dehydration that many visitors naturally experience just arriving at this altitude.

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Waking Up with a Pounding Headache, Nausea and Extreme Fatigue.

Arrived from sea level the afternoon before, went to dinner, then on to a cocktail party and a few drinks.
ThriveMD Mobile IV services recently received a call from a patient at 7:30am. He was panicked that he was supposed to race in a celebrity ski race at 10:00 am and he was a mess. He had arrived from sea level just the afternoon before, went to dinner, then on to a cocktail party where he had a few drinks. He woke up that morning with a pounding headache, nausea and extreme fatigue.

The Mobile IV Nutrient Therapy Intervention

Made it on time and won both races.
Our mobile IV team arrived at his hotel at 8:15 with a nutrient IV packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, an anti-inflammatory and an anti-nausea medication. The patient received the vitamins with a liter of saline over 40 minutes. In order to restore this much hydration by mouth, it would require drinking at least 3 liters of Gatorade and still fall short of the restoration achieved with the IV nutrient treatment. By the end of his appointment the patient was headache free, had no nausea and felt like his energetic self. He made it to his races on time and won both races. He was still feeling great at the end of his ski day.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if IV nutrient treatment may be able to help you.

Next Step

If you believe you or someone you care about could be a candidate for mobile IV nutrient therapy, please contact us today.