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Patient from Denver Uses Stem Cells to Avoid Knee Replacement, Returns to Skiing

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cells for Joint & Soft Tissue Pain, Stem Cells for Knee Pain, Stem Cells for Tendons 20 Comments

It’s always great when I get to work with a very active older patient that remains knowledgeable about their treatment options and elects to choose a minimally invasive approach to treating their knee pain. The Denver patient I will discuss below had finally reached the point that he was told by other doctors that he needed to consider knee joint replacements. Viewing this as his last choice, he began to research alternative treatments. His research into stem cells led him to ThriveMD. He was very interested in a stem cell ...
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Patient from Denver Uses Stem Cells to Avoid Spinal Fusion & Heal Achilles, then Runs a Marathon

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Stem cells for back pain as well as stem cells for soft tissue have been a highly effective minimally-invasive treatment at ThriveMD's Colorado locations. The following patient case study on avoiding spinal fusion surgery and healing a torn Achilles tendon is very complex and interesting. The patient's back pain condition includes degenerative disc disease, disc herniation with an annular tear and facet joint arthritis. When his stem cell therapy back pain treatment was complete he was able to run a marathon. The Patient Profile of Intractable Back Pain & Achilles Tear A ...
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Patient from Chicago Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Achilles Tendon, Returns to Skiing & Cycling

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cells for Joint & Soft Tissue Pain, Stem Cells for Tendons

Lisa is a 52-year marketing executive who had been suffering with Achilles tendon pain for approximately nine months. She reported that the pain had dramatically worsened over the three months before consulting with me and she had pain scores of up to 7 out of 10 depending on her activity. Initially she did not undergo stem cell treatment for her partially torn Achilles tendon. She instead underwent extensive conservative care during that time without even modest improvement in her pain and mobility. These therapies included deep tissue massage, physical therapy, ...