back pain treatment with stem cells


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  1. I have Degenerated Disc Diease. Every disc in my back is bad. It also pinches on my Sciatica, making the pain go from my buttocks, and down both legs, clear into my feet. It is very very painful. It makes it so I can’t walk very far at all. I also have Scoliosis real bad. I have Lupus, I also have addrenal Insufisancy. I do go to pain management. They won’t do surgery, because they say that they are afraid of infection. They do steroid injections about every six months, and they do have me on pain medicatons, but they don’t even take the pain away. The pain medicatons sometimes reliave the pain, but at least 90% of the time, I am in alot of pain. I heard about this Steam Cell Therapy so I just thought that I would explain my situation to you, and see if there is anything that can be done, through the Steam Cell Therapy that will get me out of all of this pain! I would really appreciate it if you will get back with me about this! My cell # is, 385-389-5398. Thank You for taking the time to hear me out,and let me tell you about my problems! I hope and pray that there is something that can be done, through this Steam Cell Therapy that will get me out of all this pain! Thank You for your time!!!
    (Sharon Robertson)

    1. Hi Jayesh – We are happy to discuss our stem cell therapy with you. Please call our office at 720-575-7878.
      We look forward to speaking with you.

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