2 of the Most Common Stem Cell Treatments

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The study of stem cells remains one of science’s most promising frontiers. For more than 70 years, research has continued to shed light on the value and potential of stem cell treatments. From a basic understanding of the stem cell’s role in early cell differentiation to today’s more nuanced exploration of their regenerative effects, researchers and clinicians are harnessing the power of stem cells in ways that are improving the lives of patients with an increasing variety of problems and conditions. No longer are stem cell transplants (to treat cancer) ...

How Stem Cell Treatment for Tennis Elbow Can Improve Your Game

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Tendinitis is the painful swelling of a tendon. It can manifest in any tendon, but most frequently occurs in those surrounding joints that experience repetitive movement. Indeed, tendinitis is often sports-related, occurring in shoulders, elbows, wrists and knees as a result of chronic overuse. When it settles in the elbow, it’s frequently called “tennis elbow,” and it affects a lot more than a patient’s game. While up to 50% of athletes using over-the-shoulder arm motion experience tennis elbow, the majority of tennis elbow sufferers aren’t actually tennis players! Approximately 95% ...

How Long is Stem Cell Therapy Recovery?

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The intrinsic regenerative properties of stem cells make them well suited to treat many types of orthopedic issues. This is because a large number of bone and joint problems occur as normal consequences of daily living over time (read: “wear and tear”), and stem cells have the potential to naturally counter those effects, replenishing cell quantity and restoring normal cellular function by virtue of their very nature. Indeed, when used to treat the effects of age, injury and degeneration in the musculoskeletal system, stem cell therapy has been shown to ...

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe? The Truth Revealed

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The safety of any medical procedure relies on a combination of factors: the efficacy of the research supporting it, the experience of the physician(s) and medical staff involved, the overall health of the patient, the cleanliness of instruments and space used and more. Some even believe the time of day it is performed can affect a procedure’s outcome! That’s why it’s important— whether facing an invasive surgery or a routine skin check — that patients and doctors alike communicate, discussing honestly and exhaustively the pros and cons of treatment so ...
a doctor looks at an xray and considers "can osteoarthritis be improved by stem cell therapy?"

Can Osteoarthritis Be Improved by Stem Cell Therapy?

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Degenerative joint disease — also called osteoarthritis — is the wearing away of the cartilage between any of the joints in a person’s body. Age, obesity and injury can all contribute to osteoarthritis, with symptoms ranging from intermittent discomfort and stiffness to the weakening of muscles and ligaments and erosion of bone that ultimately lead to ineffective, as well as chronically painful, joint function.  Treating osteoarthritis has traditionally relied on medication and rest and/or physical therapy aimed at strengthening the tissue surrounding the affected joint. And since cartilage does not ...
stem cell therapy for herniated disc enabled this man to climb a mountain

5 Common Questions About Stem Cell Therapy for Herniated Discs

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Living with persistent pain is a reality that many people in this country unfortunately face. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “in 2016 [alone] an estimated 20.4% of U.S. adults had chronic pain," a condition which is associated with mobility and mental health issues, opioid addiction and an overall reduced quality of life. In contrast to the acute episodes of pain we all face at one time or another, chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting longer than three months, and many issues can cause it: an ...

Stem Cells: A Hip Pain Treatment without Surgery

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If you’ve ever experienced pain in your hips, you know how debilitating it can be. The hip joint is one of the body’s biggest and strongest joints. As such, it supports much of our body’s weight and helps us move in multiple ways. When an injury or even just advancing age threatens its structural integrity, the resulting instability, inflammation and pain can make the simplest of activities an agonizing endeavor. The good news is, today, there are more options than ever for treating hip degeneration. In addition to standard treatments ...
Stem cell therapy can help alleviate pain the hips.

How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy for Hips?

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Here at ThriveMD, we believe in the efficacy of using autologous stem cells to treat a variety of degenerative conditions. Not only are stem cells proven safe to use — especially when harvested from and used within a patient’s own body — there is much research to support their effectiveness at stimulating tissue growth. This is important because all cells (eventually) die. While some die as a result of an injury, the vast majority of cell deaths occur via a controlled process called apoptosis. In layman’s terms, apoptosis is “cell ...
History of Stem Cell Disc Regeneration

A Brief History of Stem Cell Disc Regeneration

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The Discovery of Stem Cells –– 1960s Stem cells are a naturally occurring component of human biology. In that sense, they’ve been around forever. Stem cells are special cells within the body that have the ability to self-replicate and to develop tissue-specific functionality over time. Because of this, stem cells have been referred to as “master cells” or biological “building blocks.” Scientists Ernest McCulloch and James Till were the first researchers to identify and characterize what we have eventually come to know as stem cells.  Embryonic Stem Cells –– 1980s …

Stem Cell Therapy for the Spine

The Impact of Stem Cell Therapy for the Spine

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What is a Stem Cell Treatment for the Spine? Every person has stem cells that are located throughout the body. Stem cells are cells that can become many (if not all) types of cells. Most of the time, cells originate in a certain type of tissue and can only make more cells of that tissue type. In this way, heart cells come from heart tissue, liver cells from liver tissue, and so on. Stem cells, however, can “transform” into a specific type of cell even if they exist in a …