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3 Stem Cell Therapy Benefits Over Traditional Surgery

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy

It’s a new year. Maybe it’s time for a new YOU. If you’ve been dealing with orthopedic pain, know that there might be a nonsurgical option for you beyond physical therapy and/or medication: stem cell therapy. 


Stem cell therapy isn’t a new procedure — physicians have been using it to treat and oftentimes cure a variety of conditions, from burned skin and eye issues to cancer. Indeed, ongoing research supports the efficacy of using stem cells to regenerate other types of tissues as well, such as bone, cartilage, tendons, muscle, ligaments, vertebral annular discs and even erectile tissue. It’s an exciting time for regenerative medicine, with physicians now being able to offer treatment choices that are less risky, less painful and less invasive than many conventional care options, including surgery. Here are three reasons our team at ThriveMD believes so wholeheartedly in the benefits of stem cell therapy when compared to traditional surgery:

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Stem Cell Therapy is Less Invasive Than Surgery

Stem cells exist naturally in adult bodies. They reside in several places, such as the blood and skin, but here at ThriveMD, we only harvest adult stem cells from a patient’s richest sources of adult stem cells, bone marrow and fat reserves. This is accomplished by needle extraction and a minimally invasive liposuction procedure. We combine the extracted stem cells with platelet rich plasma (also taken from the patient via a small blood draw) and other biologics, injecting a concentrated solution of it back into the patient using live x-ray or ultrasound guidance. Research shows that when applied in this manner, stem cells can potentially begin to regenerate new cells to replace just the kind lost to injury, overuse, disease and/or decay. With only IV sedation and local anesthetic needed, patients are free from the possible complications arising from surgery’s general anesthesia and incision(s), as well as the oft-associated loss of mobility that frequently goes along with operations. Stem cell therapy reduces a patient’s risks, leaving them healthier and safer than they might be in a surgical setting, and it commonly offers the same (or better) results!


Stem Cell Therapy is Less Time Consuming Than Surgery

Stem cell therapy is also quicker than many other options; both the procedure, as well as the recovery, often take significantly less time than surgery. In fact, patients typically walk from our office unassisted in as little as two hours, returning to their homes or hotel to recover for only one to two days. There is no hospital stay; no lengthy post-surgery physical conditioning regimen; no massive activity restrictions; and no need for any extended time away from work. Furthermore, pain is usually controlled with medication for only a few days  (not months), meaning patients normally return to their routine lives a lot quicker than those who opt for surgical intervention.


Stem Cell Therapy is the Only Regenerative Option

Of course, the most meaningful of stem cell therapy benefits is the ability to potentially regenerate healthy cells and tissue that it affords. Unlike surgery, which bolsters tissues with man-made supports, stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions utilizes a patient’s own biological materials to potentially regenerate cells, reduce inflammation, and repair tissue with less side-effects.


Want to Learn More?

Choosing one treatment over another is best determined in consultation with a medical expert. Please contact our office to discuss stem cell therapy benefits and see if SCT could help you address the cause of your own orthopedic pain or other symptoms. Our medical director, Dr. Scott Brandt, carefully reviews all our patients’ histories so that only the most relevant and possibly effective treatments are recommended. A new, pain-free year using stem cell therapy just might be what the doctor orders!

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