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Does Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain Have a Long Recovery Time?

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cells for Knee

Knee pain is a common problem, affecting anyone at any stage of his or her life. Typical contributors to knee pain include aging, injury and repetitive movements that put stress on the knee joint. While not exactly life-threatening, knee pain can be life-altering, precipitating a loss of mobility that changes the way people live and work. Pain medication and other traditional treatments can only provide relief to a certain point, either masking symptoms or strengthening surrounding muscles but never actually addressing the cause of the pain itself.

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For extreme problems, surgery has been the only choice, but even surgical intervention lacks the ability to restore healthy tissue; at best, it can remove damaged tissue or replace damaged tissue with  synthetic parts. Continued research, however, has led to a new treatment for many kinds of knee pain: stem cell therapy. Capable of regenerating knee tissue from within the body itself, stem cell therapy for knee pain is the only option that makes use of the body’s own healing processes so that normal function is able to return to the knee. If you are considering stem cell therapy for knee pain, here’s what you need to know about the recovery:

The Recovery Time for Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain is Shorter than Knee Replacement Surgery

A routine knee replacement surgery has an average recovery period of 12 weeks, with patients returning to most of their daily activities within that time frame and continuing improvements to endurance and strength extending up to a year following the procedure. But because knee replacement surgery is an invasive procedure, most patients also spend one to three nights in a hospital and require initial help from a nurse and/or physical therapist to care for the wound site, get out of bed, use the restroom, shower and more. 

Patients undergoing stem cell therapy for knee pain, on the other hand, have significantly shorter recoveries. In contrast to those who opt for knee replacement surgery, patients using stem cell therapy for knee pain routinely walk unassisted from the physician’s office after a stem cell procedure. They rest at home (not in a hospital) and return to most of their normal activities after just one or two days. And because stem cell therapy is minimally-invasive, patients do not need general anesthesia and only experience mild (if any) post procedure discomfort. Also unlike surgery, stem cell therapy for knee pain has the capacity to immediately begin tissue restoration, stimulating the body to begin natural healing processes that tackle inflammation and boost cell division and growth so that new knee tissue can be generated. Pain relief quickly follows!

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Stem cell therapy for knee pain is safe and effective, and it’s the only treatment option with the proven ability to restore cellular function to damaged tissues. To learn more about stem cell therapy for knee pain and whether it might be a valid option for your or a loved one’s degenerative knee issue, please contact one of our ThriveMD offices for a consultation. 

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