How Long is Stem Cell Therapy Recovery?

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy

The intrinsic regenerative properties of stem cells make them well suited to treat many types of orthopedic issues. This is because a large number of bone and joint problems occur as normal consequences of daily living over time (read: “wear and tear”), and stem cells have the potential to naturally counter those effects, replenishing cell quantity and restoring normal cellular function by virtue of their very nature. Indeed, when used to treat the effects of age, injury and degeneration in the musculoskeletal system, stem cell therapy has been shown to repair damage, enhance function and reduce pain less invasively (and, frequently, less expensively) than many traditional interventions. Of course, there are also other advantages to choosing stem cell therapy to treat orthopedic conditions, one of the most important of which is the shortened recovery time it offers. Here’s what you need to know about stem cell therapy recovery:

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Recovery from Stem Cell Therapy is Usually Quicker and Easier than Other Orthopedic Treatment Options

In the past, many orthopedic problems were treated only when the associated pain became unmanageable and/or interfered with the course of a patient’s day-to-day living. Typically, rest and medication would be offered as possible first solutions, followed by physical therapy and then surgery if (when) the preceding option(s) stopped providing relief. One of the biggest problems with this progressive approach, however, is the time each step necessitates. Whether it’s time spent taking it easy or waiting on medicines to take effect or time for appointments to be scheduled, rehabilitative therapies to be completed and/or healing to commence, time often becomes just one more thing standing between suffering patients and their relief. Thus, one of the greatest benefits of using stem cell therapy to treat orthopedic problems in the shoulder, leg, hip or back is not only the short length of time it takes to actually go through the procedure (usually 3 hours or less), but the relatively short recovery time such a procedure demands. 

For instance, here at ThriveMD, a stem cell procedure to treat orthopedic degeneration and/or disease typically takes less than three hours from start to finish. We use only IV sedation (no general anesthesia) and most patients only experience mild (if any) discomfort since the procedure is minimally-invasive. But the true value of the procedure comes with its effects. Following the procedure, most patients walk freely from our office and need only spend one or two days resting at home before they feel ready to return to work and/or other daily activities. Almost immediately, the stem cells begin their work, locating damaged tissue, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes and working alongside the patient’s own immune system to neutralize inflammation, accelerate cellular growth and repair and render pain relief in as few as two to 12 weeks. Further improvement can continue up to 12 months. Thus, stem cell therapy recovery is not just easy and effective; it’s frequently quick! 

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Effective treatment for degenerative orthopedic conditions doesn’t have to be drawn out over years of progressively invasive procedures. On the contrary, stem cell therapy offers the potential to begin reducing inflammation, enhancing mobility and function and decreasing pain from orthopedic degeneration and damage within just a few weeks. If you have ever wondered if stem cell therapy could work for you or a loved one and want to learn more about how long stem cell therapy recovery takes, please contact us. Our team, under the direction of our medical director, Dr. Scott Brandt, thoroughly reviews each of our patients’ histories in order to match specific needs with the treatment(s) offering the best and fastest potential benefit.

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