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Adult Stem Cells for Whiplash – the Ultimate Treatment

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ThriveMD stays at the forefront of the latest research in order to offer the most effective, longest lasting treatment options available to help heal Colorado’s active population. Stem cell therapy to treat whiplash injuries is an excellent example. The minimally invasive treatment leverages the body’s own ability to regenerate damaged tissue and yields promising back pain relief results.

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What Happens In a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is an injury that takes place when a sudden deceleration accident causes the head to be thrown forward followed by the head rebounding backwards. This is common in car accidents or ski injuries. This type of injury is also referred to as a flexion extension injury. We most typically relate these injuries to auto accidents, but they can just as easily take place in a sports injury or fall.

When the neck is hyperextended, sudden damage to the ligaments and soft tissues are the first areas damaged during the injury. If the head is thrown back with enough force, the joints in the back of the neck can be traumatized. These joints are called the cervical facet joints. The facet joints, just like knees and hips, are protected by a cartilaginous surface. This damage can initiate progressive arthritis.

Conservative Treatments of Severe Whiplash Cases

If the pain does not resolve with conservative treatments such as ice, rest, and massage, more aggressive therapy may be necessary. In the past, the use of steroid injections into the joints was the next course of therapy. Unfortunately, repeated use of steroid medications into the joint can worsen ongoing damage and cause progression of arthritis.

Stem Cells for Whiplash Injuries – the Modern Alternative

New treatment options are revolutionizing the way whiplash patients are recovering from this potentially life-altering injury. Adult stem cells are now being utilized to treat the painful facet damage. This minimally invasive treatment takes advantage of your body’s own stem cells – which have the possibility to reduce inflammation, stop the ongoing joint degeneration and help rebuild healthy cartilage inside the joint.

Because the cells are harvested from the patients own stem cell reservoirs, there is no risk of disease transmission or rejection. These cells can be harvested from bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue. The richest source of these cells, yielding the largest and most powerful cell counts, is found in the fatty tissue.

What Happens after Treatment with Stem Cells for Whiplash

Patients have reported significant long-term improvement that had not previously been achieved with other types of treatment. Early intervention with stem cells for whiplash often shortens recovery time and allows patients to quickly return to their normal activities.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

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