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3 Success Stories Using Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cells for Back Pain

ThriveMD has been successfully using stem cell therapy for back pain for nearly a dozen years. There are many causes of back pain. That’s why when we consult with each of our patients, we only recommend stem cell therapy for back pain when it is right for them. Take a look at three success stories that highlight our use of stem cell therapy for back pain and the results that some of our patients have seen:

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Patient #1: Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Avoid Spinal Fusion and Heal Achilles Tendon

Upon review of this patient’s history and imaging, we determined that he not only had mild facet joint arthritis, stenosis and spondylolisthesis, but two disc herniations and a damaged achilles tendon. The overall weakened state of his lumbar spine, coupled with an injury sustained while moving a large bag of cement seven months prior, made this patient a good candidate for stem cell therapy since other, more conservative, options had been tried and had failed to provide any significant pain relief. Furthermore, the patient preferred to avoid surgery. 

We performed the stem cell procedure and the patient was instructed to slowly advance his activities as tolerated, including twisting and impact movements when appropriate. One month later we followed up with him to administer two additional bone marrow concentrate booster injections, at which time he was already feeling improvement from his pre-procedural pain. At the one year mark, the patient had returned to his normal activities, was pain-free and had even completed a marathon without the return of his pain.

Patient #2: Uses Stem Cell Therapy to Heal Degenerative Discs

This patient’s history indicated degenerative disc disease. She was otherwise healthy and had tried several traditional back pain treatments, including a microdiscectomy, physical therapy and corticosteroid injections, none of which had resulted in any lasting pain relief. We determined that this patient’s natural degeneration of the spine could be best treated with stem cell therapy since it was the only option capable of renewing damaged lumbar disc tissue for restored functioning.

We used stem cell therapy for back pain to treat two especially damaged discs and then administered a bone marrow concentrate booster injection five weeks later. After an additional three weeks, the patient reported dramatic improvements in flexibility and muscle spasms and a 60%* decrease in pain. Three months following the initial procedure, she noted a 90%* improvement in her pain, which she has maintained to date. Feeling much better, the patient has returned to golfing, skiing and other weekly physical training exercises.

Patient #3: Uses Stem Cell Therapy for Low Back Pain and SI Joint Dysfunction

A weightlifting injury (one year prior) brought this patient to us. After resting for two weeks in an attempt to heal the damage to his back with no noticeable improvement, he sought relief through several care treatments such as chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy and dry needling. He noticed no discernible alleviation of his pain and eventually had an MRI performed that noted facet arthropathy and degenerative disc disease, along with disc herniation and multiple annular tears. He then underwent multiple therapeutic and epidural steroid injections to still no relief.

After reviewing his history and considering the breadth of his previously failed treatments, we recommended stem cell therapy for back pain. We performed the procedure and followed it up with a bone marrow concentrate injection one month later. At his examination three months after the initial stem cell treatment, the patient reported significant improvement in pain and mobility, with a decrease in daily pain scores and the pain in his thighs and calves fully resolved. He was also back to practicing pilates and yoga with no pain. At his six month check-up, the patient reported even further pain relief (that was still continuing to improve) and was exercising normally.

Want to Learn About More Success Stories?

These three cases are only a few of hundreds of similar ones. To learn more about using stem cell therapy for back pain, please contact one of our offices. Our medical director, Dr. Scott Brandt, is one of the nation’s leading stem cell therapy physicians. He is board certified and remains actively involved in research and publication. He works closely with all members of our healthcare team to ensure our patients have access to treatment options with only the best potential for success.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

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