testosterone pellets for women

Testosterone Pellets for Women

Scott Brandt, M.D. BHRT, Hormone Therapy for Women, Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone can be delivered in many formats for the treatment of female hormone replacement therapy. Delivery methods include topical creams, oral capsules, sublingual dissolvables, injections and implanted pellets, including testosterone pellets for women. I have always believed that the combination of proper dosing and good compliance can allow for excellent therapeutic levels with the use of any of these formats.

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I have had a recent caveat to this belief. I have some women patients who despite strictly following directions, steady compliance, and regular dosing adjustments to maximize blood levels, have had difficulty achieving optimal improvements in energy, physical performance and libido.

Advantages of Testosterone Pellets for Women

Changing the delivery method to implantable pellets has achieved increased energy, physical performance and libido.
In most of these difficult cases, changing the delivery method to the implantable testosterone pellets for women has achieved the desired goals of increased energy, physical performance and libido. The advantage to the use of the pellets is the ability to have constant 24/7 delivery of compacted bioidentical testosterone with no fluctuation in blood levels and no missed doses.

The Procedure of Implanting a Testosterone Pellet

The only pushback that I have ever received in recommending the pellet format is typically due to the minor procedure necessary to implant the pellet every 4-5 months. This procedure sounds much more invasive than it is in actuality.

After sterile preparation, the small pellet is placed in the superficial soft tissue in the upper third of the buttock. Local anesthetic is injected and a 1.5 millimeter incision is made. A small sterile trocar is used to advance the pellet into position and this incision is then covered with a steri strip for 5 days. The patient can return to exercise the day after the minimally invasive placement. There is almost no post procedure pain and cost is almost identical to the other formats.

The patient can return to exercise the day after the minimally invasive placement.

Making the Choice of Your Testosterone Delivery Method

Making the correct decision in delivery format of women’s hormone replacement therapy can be multifactorial. The best choice often comes down to lifestyle and compliance in order to obtain the ultimate goal of maximizing treatment benefits; something that women’s testosterone pellets deliver in a reliable way.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if testosterone replacement therapy may be able to help you.

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