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Things to Know about Stem Cell Knee Injections

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cells for Knee

Stem cell therapy is a safe, effective treatment option for many patients with knee pain and/or deterioration of the knee joint. Unlike many other possible treatments, using stem cells for the treatment of knee pain is the only way to potentially rebuild damaged knee tissue. While medication, physical conditioning and surgery can possibly reduce a patient’s symptoms, stem cell therapy has been shown to be the only option actually capable of initiating an immune response within the body that can reduce inflammation and stimulate new cell growth. The result: stem cell knee injections can build new knee tissue that strengthens the joint and alleviates — indeed, often eliminates — pain! Here’s what you need to know:

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Everyone Has Stem Cells

Everyone has stem cells. Before we’re born, they help direct our development. After we’re born, they work to ensure homeostasis, generating new cells and repairing tissue damage as needed. These “adult” stem cells exist in certain reserves throughout the body, such as in our adipose  fat tissue and bone marrow, and, thus, all of us have the potential to use our own body’s stem cell stores to help address our knee damage and pain.

Treatments Using Stem Cells for Knees

In contrast to other knee treatments, such physical therapy and surgery, that often take a lot of time and a slow arduous postoperative course, treatments using stem cells for knees are minimally invasive and often lead to quicker return to activity. There is little downtime or need for a lengthy recovery involved. The procedure itself takes  just a few hours and necessitates no general anesthetic. Using needle aspiration and/or liposuction, a skilled physician harvests stem cells from the patient’s own body, consolidates the cells and growth factors,  and then injects them into the patient’s damaged knee tissue under image guidance. Studies indicate that stem cell knee injections stimulate an immune process that can reduce inflammation and encourage cell proliferation so that tissue damage and decay can be repaired.

Treatments Using Stem Cell Knee Injections are Safe

Stem cell therapies for knees have been utilized for more than 15 years. Research shows that they are not only safe, they are effective, often offering a less invasive option than surgery, allowing new cells to proliferate within the joint repairing tissue damage and decay. And because a stem cell procedure for the treatment of knee pain utilizes autologous cells (taken from the patient’s own body) under sterile surgical conditions, there is little chance of infection and no risk of rejection.

The ThriveMD Advantage

Of course, not all treatments using stem cells for knees are created equal. To render the most beneficial outcome, you need to partner with an experienced physician skilled in knowing how to harvest and use stem cells effectively. Our staff at ThriveMD, under the administration of Dr. Scott Brandt, an expert and active researcher in regenerative medicine, utilize advanced live image guidance to ensure that stem cells are harvested and then placed exactly in the area(s) of tissue damage. In this way, our patients are more likely to experience the best therapeutic results, including the alleviation of their pain. Please contact us to learn more about the advantages of partnering with ThriveMD for stem cell knee injections and finding knee pain relief for good.

Next Step

If you believe you or someone you care about could be a candidate for stem cell therapy administered by a trusted clinic, please contact us today.