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What Stem Cell Therapy Can Be Used For

Scott Brandt, M.D. Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are some of nature’s most powerful tools. Not only do they anchor the original development of our bodies’ organ systems, they have the ability to influence future cell growth, as well. It’s this capacity to direct cellular regeneration that makes them so critical to life itself since tissue homeostasis is what allows us to heal from wounds, control vital metabolic processes and fight off disease throughout the course of our lives. As knowledge about stem cells has grown — including advanced understanding of where they come from and how they work — so has the science community’s ability to purposefully physically harvest and use them. The result: stem cell therapies that harness the power of stem cells so that degeneration, injury and disease can be more easily treated and, sometimes, even prevented! Of course, you might know about stem cell transplants to treat cancer, but if you’ve ever wondered “what else is stem cell therapy used for,” then read on. Here are three other ways stem cell therapy can be applied:

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To Treat Disc and Facet Joint Damage

Because stem cells are able to give rise to multiple types of cells, clinicians can harvest them from one location within a patient’s body, place them in another part of his or her body and have them replicate into the exact kind of cell needed for tissue repair at that spot. When stem cells from bone marrow and abdominal adipose (fat) tissue are injected into a deteriorated disc or facet joint, for instance, research shows that they are able to regulate inflammation, revive osmotic pressure and replicate spinal disc cells, thereby restoring and strengthening spinal disc and joint tissues, and alleviating pain.

To Treat Joint and Soft Tissue Damage

Similarly, stem cell therapy can be used to stimulate repair and replace damaged cells in the body’s other joints and soft tissues (such as hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, tendons, ligaments and more). Many of the issues arising in these areas do so as a result of overuse and/or injury. Traditional treatments are time-consuming since most rely on rest and/or a lengthy course of physical rehabilitation. Stem cell therapy, however, offers a more substantive effect because stem cells can address the root of the problem: degeneration, injury and/or disease. Rather than simply strengthening the muscles surrounding the damage, stem cell therapy has the potential to replicate new cells, physically repairing the tissue itself and diminishing pain in much less time than other types of therapies!

To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Stem cell therapy can also be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Studies indicate that when injected into the corpus cavernosum, stem cells can effectively stimulate the regeneration of healthy muscle, endothelium and nerve cells in damaged erectile tissue.

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Stem cells can be safely used to treat a variety of conditions. To learn more about these and other kinds of stem cell therapies, please contact our office. Our team of qualified clinicians, guided by our medical director, Dr. Scott Brandt, carefully reviews all our patients’ histories so that only the most relevant treatment with the greatest potential for success is recommended.

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