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ThriveMD is excited to be receiving reviews about stem cell treatment for back pain on social media, along with testimonials during patient follow-ups at our premier stem cell clinics in Vail & Denver, CO. Patients often write about their stem cell therapy experience for low back pain, which is commonly due to degenerative discs, herniated discs; and for facet pain. Both chronic or acute.

We also regularly update our stem cell patient case studies, where you can find detailed descriptions of the patients’ paths to back pain relief and results. Timing of the stem cell procedure is one of the key factors.

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*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

patient testimonial stem cells for back painPatient talks about her results after stem cell treatment for low and mid back in Vail, Colorado. She is now almost pain-free and looking forward to skiing again – for the first time in three years.

Significantly Reduced Pain

Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Avoided Going On Disability

Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Back to Enjoying Golf

Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Saying Good Bye To Cortisone Injections

Stem Cell Alternative to Back Surgery

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Getting Back to Normal

Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Avoided Back Surgery

Stem Cell For Lower Back

stem cell for lower back pain & rotator cuff review

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Nothing Else Helped Until Mike Came to ThriveMD

Stem Cell Alternative to Back Surgery

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Chronic Back Pain No More

Stem Cell Alternative to Back Surgery

stem cell therapy to avoid back surgery

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Thrilled With the Stem Cell Injections in My Neck

Stem Cell Procedure For Back and Neck Pain

“I’m thrilled with the stem cell injections from Dr. Brandt in my neck. After living with severe chronic pain for almost six years, I sent my MRI to Dr. Brandt. He thought he could help me and I traveled from Iowa to Denver for the stem cells. While there was significant pain after the first procedure, it was more than worth it. Six months out, I have little pain and much better mobility. I would recommend Dr. Brandt to all those living with chronic pain.” *

Posted on Vitals.comSeptember 4th, 2019

Touching My Toes Again

Stem Cell Procedure For Back

“I had injections on my L5/S1 discs 3 months ago and started PT a week after the procedure. Though I still have work do to in PT to strengthen my core and glute muscles to support my spine, I have noticed less “creakiness” and stiffness in my spine since the procedure. I can bend over and touch my toes for the first time in almost two years! Doctor Brandt and his team are incredibly kind and helpful. The procedure was incredibly smooth and I was surprised how quickly I felt like myself again. Doctor Brandt expects that I will see even more improvement over the next 3 months – I can’t wait for even more mobility and less pain!”*

Posted on Vitals.comMay 16th, 2019

Avoided Disc Surgery, Now 100% Pain-Free

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Herniated Discs

“Dr. Brandt and the entire ThriveMD Team are delivering an innovative protocol for treating patients who have been suffering in pain. From the front office to Dr. Brandt, total compassion and understanding of the issues patients are going through that would bring them you to ThriveMD offices. My personal experience prior to treatment with Dr. Brandt has been one of being in excoriating pain for a long period of time from multiple herniated discs. After an exhaustive search for a remedy, including visits to Harvard, Univerity of Colorado and Stanford, physicians all recommended surgery. I was convinced this was not the answer. One visit for the procedure and a follow-up, after a year, 100% pain-free. The science is compelling, as are the final results speak for themselves, drug and pain-free. This is my first recommendation for any medical procedure, ThriveMD is doing amazing work and I suggest if you suffer seek them out it is worth it, you get your life back.”*

Posted on FacebookMarc from Denver, October 2018

On a Golf Trip in Ireland, Pain Free

Stem Cell Therapy For Low Back

“August 2017 I hurt my lower back (L5/S1 and facet joints) to the point where I could not swing a golf club without excruciating pain. I often times went to my knees after sitting too long and standing up and thought I would never play golf again. Fast forward to March 2018 when Dr. Brandt injected my L5/S1 and facets on both sides. I had already committed to a golf trip to Ireland at the end of June, so I needed help after trying yoga, chiropractic, dry needling, pilates, stretching, Egoscue, you name it nothing worked. For the first two months I thought the procedure was a failure. I had more pain sometimes and really no relief and again thought I would never play golf again. In late May I decided to go for it and went to hit golf balls. I was tentative and had some pain, but nothing like I expected. I then continued to play and made it to Ireland, and through Ireland, pain free. Today I have no reservations about any activity and I play as much golf as ever. I believe this procedure provided me with everything it was advertised to be and I couldn’t be happier. I encourage anyone to go see Dr. Brandt and talk to him. Understand that it is not an overnight miracle, but takes time. I was very discouraged for the first two months. Maybe mind over matter played into it thereafter, but whatever it was ,it worked.”*

Posted on GoogleScott from Greater Denver Area, August 2018

Continuing to Have Significant Improvement

Stem Cell Therapy For Back

“I had a procedure on my low back 4 years ago and I continue to have significant improvement. I’m amazed!”*

Posted on Vitals.comAugust 2018

Four Years after the Stem Cell Procedure & Still Feels Great

Stem Cell Therapy For Low Back Pain

“It’s been 4 years since my stem cell procedure on my low back and my day to day activities are still pain free. Every one in a while (not often) I have a flare up but with much less intensity and shorter duration than the 20 years of pain I had leading up to my stem cell procedure.”*

Posted on Vitals.comApril 2018

Grateful for the Genuine Care

Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

“It’s only been a short while, but I want to express how grateful I am to have found a medical office like Thrive. Far beyond the actual procedure, the manner in which you treat patients and our concerns and sometimes silly questions and scary moments, I’ve gone to many doctors and never experienced this level of genuine care. So thank you. Thank you a ton..”*
Clare from Iowa, patient follow-up, March 2018

Looking Forward to an Active Lifestyle Again

Stem Cell Therapy For Degenerating Discs

“I had back pain from 5 degenerating discs. I had 3 consults from different medical institutions and all had said that I would need fusion of 5 discs and 2 rods inserted into my back. I sent my MRI to Dr.Brandt and after review he said he thought he could help. I found Dr. Brandt’s office very helpful and informative. I am currently one out from my 2nd appointment and doing incredibly well. The pain and discomfort are gone ! I am currently engaged in exercise to strengthen my lower back and abdominal muscles. I am looking forward to an active lifestyle again. I selected Thrive MD due to Dr. Brandt’s experience in the stem field. The are many offices and medical centers that are beginning to get involved in the stem cell arena. I wanted a Doctor that has been doing this for a while and getting great results. Dr. Brandt has a kind and caring attitude, as well as his staff. I would highly recommend Thrive MD and already have sent many patients to him.”*

Posted on Vitals.comGoogle reviewsDr. Brian Bouck,, Google, February 2018

20 Years of Back Pain Gone

Stem Cell Therapy For Lower Back Pain

“3 1/2 years after my stem cell procedure for my low back pain, I’m still feeling great! I used to have daily back pain for almost 20 years – now almost all of my days are pain free!”*

Posted on, December 2017

Back Pain Improved & Returned to Activities Pain Free

Stem Cell Therapy For Back

“I’ve had two successful stem cell procedures performed by Dr. Brandt (knee and back). I’ve resumed playing golf, riding my bike, and skiing, relatively pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Brandt.”*Frank, patient follow-up, October 2017

Able to Walk Again

Stem cell procedure for hip, left leg, ankle, lumbar spine

“Symptoms prior to procedure: Hip pain, leg pain all the way to the foot and neuropathy in both feet.

Improvement since procedure: The second day, I could feel an improvement in my leg, and a couple of days later the leg pain was gone all the way down to the feet.

Increase activity level: I have been able to walk 4 blocks, non-stop, whereas prior to the stem cell procedure I would have about 3 minutes before I found a chair.

Feel during procedure: There was no pain during the procedure, or afterwards. I did take a Tylenol at bedtime that I didn’t really need.

Overall experience at thriveMD: I have been at both office of Dr. Brandt, both are nicely done, like new and the nurses are very attentive to the patient. All in all the experience was very easy. Dr. Brandt was very attentive as well.”*

Darwin from Arizona, patient follow-up, October 2017

Back Pain Significantly Better

Stem Cell Treatment for Lumbar Discs, Lumbar Facets, Hips

“So far my back pain is significantly better and I am looking forward to my next procedure.”*Elizabeth from Boulder, CO, patient follow-up one month post procedure, January 2017

Avoided Back Surgery

Stem Cell treatment to Avoid Back Surgery

“I don’t ofen leave reviews; however, I feel compelled to rate Dr. Brandt with as many stars as possible. I suffered from chronic back pain for over 8 years. I consulted with 3 different orthopedic/ neuro surgeons, and the general consensus was to operate, or continue to live with the pain. After many hours of researching my options, I decided to try a stem cell procedure with Dr. Brandt. I am now 5 months post that procedure, and I can’t be happier. Most days I’m 95% pain free, and I have resumed all of my physical activies, including running, biking, skiing golfing and hiking. In summary, I would highly recommend Dr. Brandt, without any reservation.”*

Posted on GoogleFrank, Google, November 2016

No More Need for Pain Medication

Stem Cell Treatment for a Bulging Spinal Disc and Spondylolisthesis

“Until my consultation with Scott Brandt, MD., I was faced with two not very desirable options for my chronic lower back pain caused from a bulging disc and spondylolisthesis: continue RF neurotomy procedures every 6 months to burn nerves in my back for pain relief or spinal fusion surgery. The first was a band-aid, the second not an option I wanted. Dr. Brandt’s diagnostic sophistication, attention to detail and patient-focus became very apparent during our phone consultations reviewing all of my x-rays and two MRI results.He gave me more information in 30 minutes than I’d had from three specialists in four years of treatment. I went through stem cell therapy treatment with him and since have not needed pain medication, am able to get out of bed in the morning without limping, and can perform my job without wearing braces or heat patches. My posture has improved remarkably because I’m not hunching in pain. I actually gave myself a pedicure two weeks ago – which was a crippling no-go activity previously. Four years ago I woke up 10-12 times a night with pain and a numb leg, and never imagined there could be hope for a return to health. Stem cell therapy with Dr. Brandt is one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made.” *

Posted on GoogleSunny from Seattle, Google, July 2016

Functioning Virtually Pain Free

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain & BHRT

“Dr. Brandt has not only helped me get my crazy hormones under control, but he recently did a stem cell procedure on my back. As a result, I am able to function virtually pain free for the first time in months! Everyone at ThriveMD Vail also made me feel very comfortable and handled every detail of my appointments with professionalism and promptness.
Thank you, Dr. Brandt, Debi, Alison, and Sue!” *

Posted on GoogleJenn from Boulder, Colorado, Google, April 2016

Great Experience and Caring Staff

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

“Professional at front desk. All are professional. Alison [Patient Coordinator] is very good at her job. I really appreciate the “down home” attitude from all who work here. Thank you Dr. Brandt for your great expertise and caring.” *

Patient follow-up

Janet from Colorado, March 2016
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Finally Pain Free

Stem Cell Treatment for Lumbar Discs

“Dr. Brandt is one of the most caring doctors. He takes the time to listen to his patients and thoroughly explain his recommendations. He is extremely gifted in performing stem cell procedures. My back remains 95% pain free since my lumbar disc treatment 18 months ago.“*

Posted on

Vail, Colorado patient, Vitals, December 2015

Returning for Another Injection

Stem Cell Treatment for Low Back, Stem Cells for Neck

“I am a 66 year-old male who has had several injuries over many years: Torn medial meniscus in the right knee; fractured vertebra in low back; torn muscles in right shoulder; severe whiplash injuries causing significant problems in my neck. I’ve had two series of injections at ThriveMD over the past year. I had my right knee done twice; my neck done once; my right shoulder done once and my low back done once. Each of these areas have exhibited significant improvement. There is a vast improvement in pain levels in all areas. I will be returning to ThriveMD for a left knee injection next summer.

I previously worked as an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant, and as such am very familiar with injuries (both chronic and emergent) and I have recommended Dr. Brandt to many people who are interested in improving their lives.” *

Posted on Google reviews.

Michael from Florida, Google+, December 2015

Avoiding Spinal Fusion

Stem Cell Treatment for Low Back Pain


This is a follow-up note as I have just undergone a bone marrow and platlet rich plasma “booster” injection into my lower lumbar compromised discs. It’s been (6) weeks since the original comprehensive procedure and I am extremely grateful for the obvious progress up to this point already. I feel absolutely blessed that Dr. Brandt has been able to show me how powerful Adult Stem Cells are in the regeneration process for a host of acute & chronic conditions. My deepest gratitude for allowing me to experience the future of medicine. You can’t put a price tag on health and wellness; however the ThriveMD program is very reasonable, cost-effective, and truly game-changing. In my particular case, the timing of this new type of very effective medicine can only be explained as divine synchronicity in avoiding a spinal fusion. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU! Happy Holidays & A Very Prosperous 2016. Love & Light to you and your very professional staff.

Warmest Regards,

Jeremy” *

Posted on Facebook.

Jeremy from Castle Rock, Colorado, Facebook, November 2015

Back On The Bike

Stem Cell Treatment For Back Pain

“I blew out my back racing in early July and decided to wait until fall to have a stem cell / bone marrow treatment done when I blew out my shoulder in another race. I had a partially torn rotator cuff, bicep, and labrum along with an impact fracture. I elected to try the stem cell / bone marrow treatment instead of rotator cuff surgery. I had both procedures done in early December and started physical therapy three weeks later. I was back on the bike in late January and kept slowly pushing it from there. As of June I am riding without pain in my back or shoulder. I have good power and full motion in my shoulder. Based on the results thus far, I consider the procedure 100% successful.” *

Posted on Vitals.comRon from Vail, Colorado,, June 2015

20 Years of Back Pain Ended

Stem Cell Treatment for Low Back Pain

“Dr. Brandt provided excellent care and a thorough diagnosis of my problem. My stem cell procedure was smooth and without complications. My degenerative disk pain is 90% improved. I have suffered for 20 years with back pain and finally am able to experience pain free activities. I can’t say enough good things about my experience at ThriveMD. They have a top notch staff and the office was state-of-the-art.” *

Posted on, March 2015

Trust in Dr. Brandt

Stem Cell Treatment for Thoracic Facet Joints

“Dr. Brandt is amazingly knowledgeable on the body mechanics in general and the ability for a stem cell procedure to help or not. I trust and respect his knowledge and capability.” *

Jeff from Denver, Colorado, patient follow-up, February 2015

Lower Back as Good as New for the Ski Season in Vail, CO

Stem Cell Treatment for Lumbar Discs

“Dr. Brandt is a pioneer in this promising field and we are fortunate to have him in the Vail Valley. I believe the discs in my lower back will be as good as new by the 2015 ski season based on my three month recovery  since having two rounds of stem cell injections in June.” *

Steve from Denver, Colorado, email, September 2014

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

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