History of IV Nutrients

While modern IV therapy is less than a century old, physicians understood that blood transfusions and medications could be injected directly into a vein as early as the 1600s. Unfortunately, because the scientific method hadn’t yet been established, original attempts to use this delivery method met with little success.

World War I and II ushered in the modern era of IV therapy. This period in the early to mid 20th century saw rapid progress in IV applications. However, it was only in the past 25 years that we’ve seen the most exciting advances.

Today, IV administration isn’t just for battle field trauma cases and hospital patients. Celebrities and soccer moms, executives and pro athletes, weekend warriors and pre/post surgery patients are all using IV nutrient treatments to feel their best, recover faster from injuries and surgery, remove heavy metals, boost their immune system and even cure a hangover! In addition, a number of IV vitamins and nutrients can adjunctively be utilized to treat cancer and reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy.

How Does It Work?

Intravenous treatments involve injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other natural biologic compounds directly into the bloodstream. It is the safest, fastest, most effective way to deliver critical nutrients into your body.
Safest, fastest, most effective way to deliver critical nutrients into your body

While oral vitamins and supplements can be effective at boosting nutrient levels in your body, they must go through your digestive system before being absorbed into your body and going to work. During this process up to 70% can be lost.

On the other hand, nutrients delivered through an IV are absorbed directly into your bloodstream and are 100% bioavailable. This delivery method helps your body achieve optimum concentrations of key nutrients that can not be attained through oral supplements.

In addition, by delivering nutrients directly into your blood stream, the rate of absorption is much faster. That means you feel the effects almost immediately and distribution through your body is more efficient. Plus, IV treatments have been shown to kick start your metabolism, break down fat and help your body process nutrients more effectively.

IV treatments have been shown to kick start your metabolism, break down fat and help your body process nutrients more effectively.

People who are sensitive to oral vitamins and minerals can also experience a variety of digestive issues. IV administration can prevent many of these issues.

IV treatments deliver unparalleled purity, potency and results. Each treatment is custom formulated to specifically address your individual needs.

Who Can Benefit from IV Nutrients?

Do you want to:

  • Have more energy throughout the day?
  • Maintain or improve your overall health?
  • Prevent disease and boost your immune system?
  • Heal faster after strenuous activity, injury or illness?
  • Feel mentally sharper, lower stress and improve cognition?
  • Cure a hangover, combat fatigue or mitigate the effects of altitude?
  • Remove unwanted heavy metals – mercury, arsenic, and lead?
  • Reduce side effects of chemo and radiation therapy?
  • Adjunctively treat cancer without harsh side effects?
  • Improve athletic performance and endurance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, IV therapies might be for you. This breakthrough delivery method will ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to perform at its peak.

While diet is important to your overall health, it can be difficult to eat right all the time. Even when you do, it’s almost impossible to get everything your body needs through food alone.

If you are too busy to prepare a balanced, healthy meal three times a day… don’t feel like counting vitamins day in and day out… feel stressed out, run down or anxious…are coming down with a cold… suffer from a chronic condition or disease… or just want a little relief from a hangover… IV therapies might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

These groundbreaking treatments provide a fast, effective, affordable option for people who want to feel their best, recover faster from injury or illness and maximize athletic performance. They are perfect for people who:

  • Want to boost athletic performance
  • Experience joint and muscle pain
  • Are fighting a cold or flu
  • Drink alcohol to excess
  • Have high stress and anxiety
  • Want to recover as quickly as possible from surgery
  • Seeking natural cancer treatments

Why Choose IV Nutrients

IV therapies are often the best option to increase energy, reduce stress, enhance your overall health, boost metabolism, maintain optimum levels of key nutrients and recovery faster from an injury, illness, fight cancer, strenuous activity or surgery.

While diet is important, eating right does not guarantee that you are getting everything your body needs to perform at your peak. That’s probably why American’s spend nearly $40 billion a year on vitamins and supplements.

The problem is that many nutrients are difficult for your body to absorb when taken orally. As they go through your digestive system, up to 70% of a supplement can be lost before it gets into your blood stream.

IV administration delivers the nutrients your body needs, exactly where they’re needed. By circumventing the digestive tract you maximize potency and efficiency… avoid digestive issues… lower stress on organs (particularly liver and kidneys)… boost your immune system and more!

Delivering nutrients directly into your blood stream can boost metabolism, promote cellular balance, fight viruses, regulate chemical imbalances, combat vitamin deficiencies, even detoxify your body and increase mental clarity.

Administering nutrients through an IV is by far the most effective way to reach optimum levels in your body.

IV administration delivers the nutrients your body needs, exactly where they are needed.

ThriveMD’s Range of IV Nutrient Treatments

Thrive Super Immunity

Antioxidant rich compound to boost your immune system, prevent illness & reduce the severity and duration of colds

You are busy. You have a million things to do. You simply cannot afford to be sick. Even if you did have a couple days to throw away being stuffed up, coughing, getting hot and cold, tossing and turning at night… who would want to.

It’s surprising that with all of the medical advancements today, the most common course of action doctors take when you’re coming down with a cold is to do nothing and tell you to wait it out.

While taking vitamins and minerals can help fend off a cold, most of the products available fail to be well absorbed and thus are relatively ineffective.  Today you have the option to go straight to the source and deliver these critical nutrients directly into your bloodstream with an IV treatment specifically formulated to prevent and fight colds. This treatment includes a significant dose of vitamin C and many other nutrients which help fight off a cold.  It is then followed with a dose of glutathione to maximize the antioxidant effect. In just one hour patients usually begin to feel improvement.

Thrive Alive

Enhanced version of the wildly popular Myers Cocktail

Thrive Alive is a unique blend of critical vitamins and minerals that act sort of like a super charged multi vitamin. It is designed to boost overall health, make you feel great, reduce your risk of disease, maximize performance and more.

If you live a busy, hectic life… deal with daily stress and anxiety… have trouble sleeping… cannot afford to be sick… want to boost athletic performance or cognitive ability… than the Thrive Alive might be right for you.

Originally designed by renowned physician Dr. John Myers, and perfected by Dr. Scott Brandt at ThriveMD, this unique formula floods each of your trillions of cells with the nutrients they need to function at their peak.

Dozens of studies including thousands of people have shown that the ingredients in Thrive Alive can help fight chronic fatigue, provide relief from migraines, neutralize asthma attacks, reduce depression, alleviate soreness and stiffness, combat illness, reduce fibromyalgia pain and more.

Thrive Recover

Unique blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help you recover faster after surgery and injuries

After undergoing surgery or sustaining an injury your body needs all the nutrients it can get to heal. For instance, your body may require as much as 100 times more vitamin C to recover efficiently. B vitamins and zinc have also been shown to speed up wound recovery and reduce inflammation.

Giving your body the right nutrients before and after surgery, or immediately following an injury, can have a dramatic impact on your recovery. Thrive Recover provides the perfect blend of nutrients to help you feel better faster.

If you’ve recently undergone surgery and sustained an injury, time is of the essence. The faster you can give your body a boost with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients the better you will feel and faster you’ll heal. If you have an upcoming surgery, you can set yourself up for success by having an IV treatment or two before the procedure.

Thrive High Dose Vitamin C

IV vitamin C can safely be administered while patients are undergoing chemo and radiation

IV vitamin C is a dramatically different drug than its oral form and can reach significantly higher plasma levels than the orally ingested vitamin. IV vitamin C infusions have a number of clinical applications including the use of high doses as a therapeutic tool in combating cancer.

High doses of vitamin C, in the ranges of 25-75 grams per day, work selectively as an oxidant. At these concentrations the oxidative process is lethal to cancer cells. High doses delivered intravenously act by increasing extracellular hydrogen peroxide levels deep in the tissues where cancer cells lurk. Peroxide mediated killing is a primary mechanism by which white blood cells fight infection and cancer. In high concentrations hydrogen peroxide damages the DNA and mitochondria of cancer cells, shutting down their energy supply and leading to cell death. The beauty of Vitamin C is that no matter how high the concentration gets, it does not harm healthy cells.

IV vitamin C can safely be administered while patients are undergoing chemo and radiation, both synergistically improving outcomes as well as diminishing the side effects of the traditional therapies.

There are several other IV nutrient treatments, at ThriveMD, that are available to complement cancer treatment.

Thrive Rejuvenate

Breakthrough cocktail to increase energy, promote mental clarity and improve athletic performance

Do you have a vigorous exercise schedule that leaves you feeling rundown and frequently sore? Are you training for a big race or are you recovering from recent competitive event?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. It is completely normal for your body to be fatigued and depleted of vital nutrients. Without proper supplementation, your body may not be able to recover nearly as efficiently as it did in your youth.

Thrive Rejuvenate IV treatment is the most effective way to boost key nutrient levels so that you feel full of energy and mentally sharp. It also provides necessary amino acids and antioxidants to help return your body to full function. The IV is followed with a dose of gluathione to restore your antioxidants and maximize the clearance of toxins.  After a treatment, you will be able to resume your exercise routine more quickly, with less fatigue, less pain, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Once in the bloodstream, critical nutrients, amino acids, and ample electrolytes are delivered directly to the tissues and cells that need them most. By using an IV, we bypass your digestive system, speeding up delivery, and ensuring effective absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Thrive Elevate

Prevent fatigue and fight the effects of an active day at high altitude.

Thrive Elevate IV is a unique blend of critical vitamins and minerals that quickly allows the body to restore energy and hydration. It is designed to boost overall health, improve your sense of wellbeing, reduce your recovery time, maximize performance and re-hydrate your body.

The Thrive Elevate IV treatment is the most effective way to boost key nutrient levels so that you feel full of energy and mentally sharp. It also provides the necessary fluids to rehydrate the body’s immense water loss that takes place while enjoying the many activities in the Vail Valley, that all take place above 8000 feet. The faster you can give your body a boost with the right vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fluids the better you will feel and faster you’ll recover.

Today you have the option to go straight to the source and deliver these critical nutrients directly into your bloodstream with an IV treatment specifically formulated to prevent fatigue and fight the effects of an active day at high altitude.

Thrive Hangover Healer

Safe, effective and incredibly fast way to get relief from a hangover

Hangover Healer IV treatment is by far the fastest, most effective way to cure a hangover and get back to doing the things you love to do. In fact, you never have to lose another day to a hangover again.

As we all know, drinking severely dehydrates your body. By circumventing your digestive system and putting fluids and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream you feel an immediate effect.

By putting vitamins, minerals and medicine directly into your bloodstream using Thrive Hangover Healer you feel immediate relief. The result is miraculous. In just under an hour you can go from feeling your absolute worst to on top of the world. So get out of the dark and back to your life. Do not sacrifice another minute to a hangover. You have the power to make the day after a night out miserable or joyous, lethargic or productive. Let us help you feel better fast and get back to doing all of the things you love.

Give us just 45 minutes we will get you back on your feet, back on the mountain or back to work.

Where Is This IV Service Offered?

At Our Edwards, CO Office

All of our IV Nutrient Therapy treatments are offered at our ThriveMD Edwards, CO location. Contact ThriveMD to make your appointment today.

In Your Room

The Thrive Hangover Healer and Thrive Elevate IVs are also offered directly in the comfort of your own home or hotel room within the Vail Valley. These two treatments are offered 7 days a week.

What Patients Say

“Visiting family and needed an IV before I fly out to Texas tomorrow and the office was great to work me in. Very friendly staff, highly recommend for IV Therapy!”

Posted on YelpFranchescs from San Antonio, TX, Yelp review

“I had a nagging snowboarding injury that resulted in shoulder surgery – both front and rear labrum were torn. Full anesthesia for three hours. I’d had an arthroscopic knee surgery with full anesthesia before but that was a piece of cake compared to having holes poked into my shoulder. I knew Thrive through work and when they told me they could help me recover faster with an IV, I came in, two days post-op, and had the cocktail drip into me for half an hour.

I felt ease and energy, something very natural when you’re OK, but very precious shortly after surgery. A day later, I stopped taking pain killers, and returned to work faster.”

Branko from Vail, patient follow-up
*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if IV Nutrient therapy may be able to help you.

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