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patient testimonial stem cells to avoid knee replacement

Stem Cells to Avoid Knee Replacement – Patient Testimonial

5-star rating on Yelp based off of 6 reviews.

Highly Recommended Before Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Therapy for Injured Knee

“Dr. Brandt was thorough in evaluating my possibility of improvement through stem cell therapy. He wanted to see my xrays & MRIs before making that determination, along with face-to-face consultation before proceeding with therapy. Approximately 4 months after my procedure, I see continued improvement in the injured knee & look forward to even more. I highly recommend this as a consideration before knee replacement.” *

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Raymond, Google

Patient talks about stem cell therapy on knees

Patient talks about his experience with stem cell injections in both knees to solve his pain and keep him on the basketball court.

Patient talks about stem cell therapy on knees

Patient talks about his journey using stem cells to resolve several pain points to get him back on the golf course.

Ski Season Saved

Stem Cell Therapy for a Partial ACL Tear

“Dr. Brandt and his entire staff are amazing! Early in the ski season I had a partial tear in my ACL and thought I would be out until the next year for sure. However after consulting with Thrive MD they informed me that I was a good candidate for stem cell therapy. I went through the procedure and went from barely being able to walk with crutches to walking comfortably and normally within three weeks! I was back at work quickly and just got back on the mountain recently. My knee feels very solid and I have ZERO issues with it. Thank you Thrive MD for saving my ski season!“*

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Brad from the Vail Valley, Google & Facebook &

patient testimonial stem cells for knee acl

Patient treated in Vail, Colorado, talks about his experience with using stem cells to heal a partial tear in his ACL and save the ski season.

patient testimonial stem cells for knee acl

Patient talks about his experience with using stem cells to resolve knee pain so he can get back to skiing, hiking and biking.

Dr. Brandt is an Exceptional Doctor

Stem Cell Treatment for Shoulders

“I chose Dr. Brandt after searching for a stem cell clinic for over a year. I was very pleased with everyone in the office. They answered all of my questions and were always quick to do so. Dr. Brandt is an exceptional doctor. I had stem cell treatments in both shoulders. Now 3 months later, my right shoulder is pain free and the left, which has bone spurs and tears is progressing in a positive direction, just more slowly. Dr. Brandt is very approachable and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a very thorough stem cell treatment.” *

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patient testimonial stem cells for knee

Patient discusses the knee pain and limited mobility he struggled with for years. After stem cell therapy, he is back to teaching martial arts classes.

stem cell therapy knee results and review testimonial

Individual patient results may vary. Please contact us today to find out if stem cell therapy may be able to help you.

Stem Cell Injections Helped Me Immediately

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

“Due to the fact that I was making the trip from Canada, I did quite a bit of research before choosing ThriveMD including having a conversation with someone who used the clinic several years ago. I found the stem cell injections to have an immediate impact on reducing pain and inflammation. The condition of my knee is pretty severe and now, a year later, I still have significantly improved mobility and less pain and inflammation. Dr. Brandt really knows his stuff. He and all the staff there are professional and efficient. They make you feel at ease and unstressed. The clinic is spotless and easy to access. The procedure is a little uncomfortable for a few days but relatively painless. If you are having second thoughts about going there, I strongly recommend that you just go. You won’t regret it.” *

Posted on Google ReviewsDoug, Google

Stem Cell Injections From A Great Doctor

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

Great doctor! Great staff! I shopped around and was happy with the price. I had plasma injections done in my knees. It was an easy procedure and my knees healed up great! I think it’s really important to take it easy after the procedure so you can heal faster. My recovery took a while because I was overly active.

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stem cell therapy for shoulder results and review testimonial

After stem cell treatment, this patient is back to sleeping well and doing the exercise he loves.

Thrive MD Denver Is The Real Deal

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders

“Before going to Dr. Brandt and Thrive MD Denver I had two issues that were affecting my quality of life… a slightly torn rotator cuff that would often wake me with discomfort, requiring me to physically use my other arm to re-situate it, and an arthritic thumb that made playing the guitar, (which I did professionally), quite painful.

It was made clear to me that although a stem cell treatment would not CURE these issues, it could reduce the discomfort substantially. I agreed to try, and I’ve got to say that the procedure was so painless, that afterward I swore they just slapped a band-aid on my hip where they had extracted the cells.

Fast forward a year… I’m back active in martial arts with full use of a shoulder that no longer wakes me, and I can play guitar for hours with no discomfort. Although I had heard stories of how stem cell treatments have produced magical results, I would’ve never expected this level of comfort.

Knowing that Dr. Brandt is a certified medical doctor was the deal clincher for me, and easily separated him from the pack of other providers. I only hope that stem cell treatments will be available through insurance in the future, as it certainly seems to be a valid option to relieve chronic pain.

Oh, yeah, and Marcie, the front office coordinator, was extremely personable and pro all the way with her attention to detail… providing answers to all my questions and staying in constant communication. In a market that’s quickly becoming diluted, Thrive MD Denver is the real deal.” *

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Knees Seem 10 Years Younger

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

“The doctor and staff were very supportive and answered all questions. The procedures (Stem Cell) went well and my knees seem 10 year younger after 5 months of healing. I am skiing bumps :-)” *

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ThriveMD is the Perfect Match for a Stem Cell Clinic

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders

“I chose Dr. Brandt after seaching for a stem cell clinic for over a year. I was very pleased with everyone in the office. They answered all of my questions and were always quick to do so. Dr. Brandt is an exceptional doctor. I had stem cell treatments in both shoulders. Now 3 months later, my right shoulder is pain free and the left, which has bone spurs and tears is progressing in a positive direction, just more slowly. Dr. Brandt is very approachable and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a very thorough stem cell treatment.” *

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I Can Walk Without Pain Again!

Stem Cell Therapy For Joint Pain and Soft Tissue

“I have no words on how amazing EVERYONE is and how I am feeling now after five months of last procedure. Is it worth the cost? If you are like me , who can not sit still/very active in 40’s with bumbling grand babies that always want to be held and bounced,
The cost was and always will be the BEST investment I’ve ever made!!!
My health!
I can not thank Thrive MD enough for letting me walk again without pain!” *

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I Have No Words on How Amazing Everyone Is and How I Am Feeling

Stem Cell Therapy

“I have no words on how amazing EVERYONE is and how I am feeling now after five months of last procedure. Is it worth the cost? If you are like me , who can not sit still/very active in 40’s with bumbling grand babies that always want to be held and bounced,
The cost was and always will be the BEST investment I’ve ever made!!!
My health!  I can not thank Thrive MD enough for letting me walk again without pain!” *

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Avoided Two Knee Surgeries, Snowboarded 70 Days

Stem Cell Therapy to Avoid Knee Surgery

“ThriveMD have done stem cells for both of my knees. I’ve had snowboarding injuries and was recommended two major ortho surgeries for the knees – sucky option, so I looked for alternatives. Dr. Brandt’s stem cells have worked like a charm. I also started to take a better care of the knees myself. Now I almost never have pain, I’m avoiding the knee surgeries, and I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Even the recovery after stem cell procedures was just pleasant – I swam, did yoga, cycled. No need for a full break in activity, all I avoided for a month was impact and torque. This last snow season I had about 70 days of snowboarding. Super duper quadruple happy with the results. One other time I also had post-surgery IV administered at Thrive – that was the first time that week I felt alive again. Stellar clinic. I hope their procedures become commonplace for more people.” *

Posted on FacebookBranko from Mammoth Lakes, California

My Knees Feel Like I’m 30 Again

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

“Thank you so much for checking in, I will keep you updated as I move forward. I need to tell you that my knees are so amazingly awesome, I have zero knee pain, I will forever be grateful for you helping me with the stem cell procedure and if needed I may come back for a booster down the road, but for now, they actually do feel like I’m 30 again.” *

Email follow-up

Strongly Suggest Considering This Before Going Through Joint Replacement

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder

“After having stem cell therapy for the second time, this time in my shoulders, I’m looking forward to having the same improvement that I have had in my knees after stem cell therapy over a year ago. Dr. Brandt is thorough in his approach in selecting patients who are viable candidates for this procedure, viewing MRI & X rays before proceeding. I strongly suggest considering this before going through joint replacement.” *

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Steady Pain Improvement

Stem Cell Treatment for Hips and Achilles

“I had a procedure with Dr. Brandt in the last 12 months, and I’ve seen slow and steady improvement from about the 3rd month post-procedure through today, about 9-months later. I’m really encouraged with the pain reduction I’ve had so far, and I’m hopeful that it will continue over the coming months! Strongly recommend.” *

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stem cell therapy for shoulder results and review testimonial

After stem cell treatment, this patient couldn’t believe that she could bend her knees, walk, and get in and out of the bathtub without any pain or limping!

Greater Range of Motion for Both Knees and Shoulders

Stem Cell Injections for Knee & Shoulder

“I am very pleased with the results of my stem cell injections. I had the procedure done about 8 months ago and each month I have seen improvement. I am able to walk up and down hills easier and have greater range and motion of both my knees and shoulders. There was no pain or swelling after the procedure. I am hoping that the improvement continues.” *

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Lydia from Denver Metro Area

Far Exceeded My Expectations

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder

“The stem cell treatment I had for my shoulder from Dr Brandt at Thrive far exceeded my expectations. Before the treatment I could barely do a single press-up and swimming even breaststroke was difficult. Now press ups are no problem and neither is swimming overarm. The increase in range of motion and decrease of discomfort in the shoulder started within about 2 weeks of the treatment and improved steadily over the next 6 months. Well worth it –and they are very nice people too!” *

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Ian, Google

Knee Pain Gone in Two Weeks

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

“I was having terrible knee pain all the time, was difficult to just walk and use the stairs. Was referred to Dr. Brandt and Thrive MD by a friend. I had my consultation and found out that i would be a great candidate for stem cell therapy. I had by procedure on Nov 22, 2017 and within two weeks my pain which on a scale of 1-10, was 7-8 all the time went to 0-1. I’m now 3 months post procedure and I have 0 knee pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Brandt and his team. Very, Very Satisfied.” *

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Kevin, Google

Able to Walk Long Distances Again

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

“In February of 2017, I went to Thrive MD to get stem cells injected in my knees. I have had pain for 5-7 years that did not allow me to walk more than 5 blocks without stopping and stretching. I have had many Steroid injections, years of Physical Therapy, braces, orthotics for my shoes, nothing worked. I was told I needed a total knee replacement and at 52, I didn’t want that. Dr. Brandt was a recommend to me by another Doctor that had the procedure. The first 2 weeks were not great, but then my knees really started to feel better going up and down stairs. Every month they got better and better, I am able to walk long distances now and am back to all normal activities. I highly recommend Dr. Brandt and Thrive MD.” *

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Stem Cell Therapy to Avoid Knee Replacement

Stem cell procedure for knee

Back to Regular Activity

 Stem cell therapy to Avoid a Double Knee Replacement

“When I was told by an orthopedic doctor I needed double knee replacement I chose stem cell therapy instead. Stem cell therapy has helped me get through my days without the pain I was experiencing and enjoy the activities I was unable to because of the pain.“*

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Linda, Google

Highly Recommended Dr. Brandt

Stem Cell Therapy

“Very pleased with the results on my stem cell injections, I have highly recomended Dr. Brandt to others I know who would benifit from his procedures.”*                                                                                                                         Posted on

80% Reduction in Knee Pain

Stem cell injections for knees

“After only 3 weeks, I have an 80% reduction in my knee pain. I will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 4 months, and I will be ready.”*Susan from Highlands Ranch, CO, patient follow-up

No More Severe Pain

Stem cell procedure for left knee

“I initially visited Dr Brandt’s office in Vail Colorado October 2016 for treatment of my left knee. I had been experiencing pain for the last 2 years after tear of meniscus in left knee. After surgery to fix meniscus tear 1 year later was still in pain. I was told by doctors that I would need full knee replacement done and that was their only option. At this point I seeked alternative solutions I had stem cell injections on left knee October 2016. I also came back for a follow-up booster in March 2017. It is been one year now and my knee is 85 to 90% better. No longer have severe pain. Just occasional light pain after overdoing it exercising or walking sometimes. Pain is usually gone by next day after taking Aleve I am now able to hike and do exercises that I was never able to do prior to stem cell procedure. I would highly recommend Dr.. Brandt And Thrive MD if you are experiencing pain in knees.”*
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Return to Golf, Biking, & Skiing

Successful Stem Cell Procedures For Knee Injury

“I’ve had two successful stem cell procedures performed by Dr. Brandt (knee and back). I’ve resumed playing golf, riding my bike, and skiing, relatively pain free. I would highly recommend Dr. Brandt.”*Frank, patient follow-up

I’m Able to Walk Again

 stem cell procedure for hip, left leg, ankle, lumbar, & spine

“Symptoms prior to procedure: Hip pain, leg pain all the way to the foot and neuropathy in both feet.

Improvement since procedure: The second day, I could feel an improvement in my leg, and a couple of days later the leg pain was gone all the way down to the feet.

Increase activity level: I have been able to walk 4 blocks, non-stop, whereas prior to the stem cell procedure I would have about 3 minutes before I found a chair.

Feel during procedure: There was no pain during the procedure, or afterwards. I did take a Tylenol at bedtime that I didn’t really need.

Overall experience at thriveMD: I have been at both office of Dr. Brandt, both are nicely done, like new and the nurses are very attentive to the patient. All in all the experience was very easy. Dr. Brandt was very attentive as well.”*

Darwin from Arizona, patient follow-up

No More Sleep Lost Due to Knee Pain

Stem Cell Treatment For Knees

“Dr. Brandt and his staff were all very professional. The procedure went very well, no problems at all. It has been one year since I’ve had both knees done with stem cells. Before I had almost constant pain & discomfort. I could not walk more than about a block before. Now I can make a milk on a track. I still have some aches, but none of the pain where I can not sleep at night. I will be 75 years old next month. I am not saying I have teenage knees again, but they are great for my age. I can even play a little racquetball once in a while. Dr. Brandt, his nurse, and receptionist all treated me with respect and put me at ease.”*
Herman from Wisconsin, patient follow-up

Quality Care and Professionalism

Stem Cell Treatment For Knees

“Scott – Just a quick note about the procedure(s) on my knees this week. I wanted to thank you for your care and professionalism.

It was indeed a “pain free” event. I’m not sure how you do it, but it is most appreciated. Keeping my fingers crossed that things will work.”*Bob from Eagle County, CO, patient follow-up

Alternative to Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Replacement Alternative

“I recently received treatment from Dr. Brandt for my knees. Prior to my appointment with him, I was told by my orthopedic surgeon I needed a knee replacement. I am quite thankful for having been referred to Dr. Brandt by a former patient! I had outstanding success with the procedure and wouldn’t hesitate for treatments in other joints if I needed it.” *
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Significant Improvement in Balance, Pain, & Gait

Stem Cell Treatment for Hip & SI Joint

“Two and half years ago I was thrown from my horse and suffered multiple fractures to my pelvis. Due to the accident, I was hospitalized and then had to use a walker for three months to get around. I essentially had to relearn how to walk. I had Stem Cell Therapy in Oct. 2016 for my SI joint and hip. It has now been three months after my initial stem cell injections and 1) I have significant improvement in my overall balance 2) do not have any SI joint pain and 3) I have a noticeable improvement in my gait.” *
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Much More Skiing, No Icing

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees

“I just wanted to give an update regarding the stem cell procedure performed by Dr. Brandt at Thrive about 3 years ago. My range of motion continues to improve–remarkable at 64.I skied 150k in 5 days last week and never iced my knee once. I can’t remember skiing that many feet w/out having to ice in the last 20 years. The knee treated has been without an acl since I was 18 and is pretty severely arthritic,but I am getting better performance now than I have in recent memory. Thank you, Dr. Brandt!!” *
Posted on Google ReviewsJohn from Boulder, CO, Google

Dr. Brandt Is The Best And Would Never Want To See Anyone Else.

corticosteroid injections for pain

“Dr. Brandt is the best! I’ve been seeing him altogether for around 15 years now for corticosteroid injections for pain and would never want to see anyone else. He is very skilled with the needle and getting the injections done in exactly the right places. In addition, I’ve found Dr. Brandt to be a very concerned and caring individual; he’s a great listener who clearly gives a lot of thought to what the best approach is going to be in dealing with the situation the patient describes. I’ve found that he always takes as much time as necessary to assess the situation; dealing with Dr. Brandt is such an entirely different experience than virtually every other meeting I’ve had with various surgeons and other M.D.’s. His staff is also very friendly, helpful and kind–as I said, he’s the best…and well worth the drive to Edwards!” *
Posted on Google reviewsSylvia Baldwin, Google

Stem Cell Treatment Helped Me Avoid Knee Transplant

Stem Cell Treatment for Bilateral Knees

“I’m extremely fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Brandt by a former patient! I was told by my orthopaedic surgeon I needed a knee transplant in the near future. Now I don’t- thanks to Dr. Brandt and his excellent staff.  I would not hesitate if I needed treatments on any other joint.”*Linda from West Chester, PA, patient follow-up one month post procedure

Stem Cells Healed Achilles where Traditional Treatments Failed

Stem Cell Treatment for Achilles Tendon Pain & Injuries

“After struggling with an Achilles injury for 1 1/2 years and trying everything to heal it – steroid, physical therapy, wearing a boot, no activity, stretching, etc – I decided to have stem cell therapy at It was a short procedure and an afternoon of post op recovery, which after 6-8 weeks, resulted in a full recovery from my injury. This seemed to finally stimulate blood flow and healing to an injury I had resigned myself to having forever. I highly recommend this procedure for tendon injuries like this one.” *

Posted on Google reviewsLisa from Chicago, Google

Looking Forward to Returning to Competitive Soccer

Stem Cell Therapy for Hips

“I am a pain management physician myself. I am 52, and physically very active. I still play soccer competitively.

Six months ago I suffered a hip injury with a labrum tear. Due to the pre-existing wear and tear, the only conventional treatment, which was offered to me was total hip replacement. I wanted to remain physically active and continue to play sports, so I decided that this is not the best option for me.

I choose instead to try stem-cell therapy. Ten days ago I had my procedure done by Dr. Brandt, and since then I have nothing but positive things to say about him and his practice. Everyone in his office was extremely welcoming and put me at ease and comfort about my procedure. The procedure went very smooth. And I did not have ANY post procedure pain or discomfort. I had no need for any pain medication. I was back to work seeing patients on the 2nd day after the procedure. My hip already feels noticeably better.

I have the second procedure scheduled in four weeks, and I am confident that in another 3-4 weeks I’ll be back playing soccer again. Thank you, Dr. Brandt and team for taking such excellent care of me.” *

Posted on Google reviewsZvezdomir from Maryland, Google

No More Need to Ice the Knees

Stem Cell Treatments for Knees & Achilles Tendons, Stem Cells for Lumbar Discs

“I was spending hours each day icing my knees and using ibuprofen every 8 hours. I do not have to do that now. My Achilles pain is almost completely gone. The procedure was very easy and the whole experience was very positive.” *

Kim from Iowa, Patient follow-up one month post procedure

Very Professional

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

“Very professional doctor & staff. Nice facility and very clean.” *

Lary from Tucson, AZ, patient follow-up one month post procedure

Skied 52 Days Last Season

Stem Cell Therapy for Torn Achilles Tendon

“One year later update – ankle is doing great. Skied 52 days in 2015-16. Hiking, biking and all are no problem. Great team of caring people who know their business.” *

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Laurel from Edmond, Oklahoma, Google

Back to Tennis and Biking

Stem Cell Treatment for “Bone-on-Bone” Shoulders

“My radiologist nephew saw my xrays and said I have the shoulders of a 90 year old. (I’m in my 60’s) The sessions at ThriveMD were efficient, effective with fairly quick recovery. I’m back playing tennis and riding my bike. Nice job Dr. Brandt!” *

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Would Do It Again

Stem Cell Treatment for Bilateral Knees

“It has been a very good experience. Everything is very professional and very caring. So far I am happy with the results and would do it again.” *Herman from Wisconsin, patient follow-up

Results Near Miraculous

Stem Cell Therapy for Achilles, Knee, Shoulder, AC

“Dr. Brandt has done stem cell injection therapy on my left Achilles, right knee and right shoulder and AC joint. In every case the procedure was relatively easy, the recovery time was very minimal and the results were near miraculous! I can do things now that I thought were beyond me forever. I am a believer!!” *Harvey from Vail Valley, Colorado, patient follow-up

Skiing Is Fun Again

Stem Cell Treatment for Skiers’ Knees, ACL

“I have had both ACL’s replaced. The first 35 years ago and the second 25 years ago. Over the years I had a few other procedures including another surgery to clean up one of the knees. Nothing worked as well as the stem cell procedure that Dr. Brandt performed. With the slow deterioration of my knees it had become uncomfortable to ski. After having the stem cell procedure last spring, this season skiing is fun again. I never thought I would ski the bumps like that again!” *

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Steve from Aspen, Google

Delighted with the Result

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders & Other Joints

“I am delighted with the result Dr Brandt achieved ,the increase in range of motion and decrease in discomfort in my shoulder were way beyond what I had hoped for .So glad that a series of coincidences led me to his door .“*

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Ian from Bermuda,

Back to Enjoying the Mountain

Stem Cell Treatment for a Partially Torn ACL

“My husband thought he would miss out on the entire ski season after partially tearing his ACL in November. After having stem cell treatment 6 weeks ago by Dr. Brandt, he is enjoying the mountain with me and we couldn’t be happier!” *

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Sue, Facebook

Avoided Knee Replacement and Back to Skiing Hard

Stem Cell Treatment as a Knee Replacement Alternative

“I am so happy to have found Thrive this past summer. After being told by 3 Dr’s that I need a knee replacement I was feeling very discouraged. 2 1/2 years ago I had a very bad skiing accident and destroyed my tibial plateau. After surgery and physical therapy I was no where near where I wanted to be functioning physically. I couldn’t hike, ski, or basically do anything active without constant pain. I went to Thrive and got my hormones balanced, got my energy level back up to where I like it to be and had several stem cell treatments on my knee. It was not an instant fix, but over the past 6 months it has continually started to feel better. I just skied 3 hard days in a row in Beaver Creek, with no swelling and very little pain! I am back to functioning at about 80% of my capacity. I’m thrilled with the progress and hope to continue to improve as I continue to be active this winter. I am so happy not to have a knee replacement and to be able to keep my own knee. Thank you Dr. Brandt.“*

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Karen from Littleton, Colorado, Google

Will Be Returning for a Left Knee Injection

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee & Shoulder

“I am a 66 year-old male who has had several injuries over many years: Torn medial meniscus in the right knee; fractured vertebra in low back; torn muscles in right shoulder; severe whiplash injuries causing significant problems in my neck. I’ve had two series of injections at ThriveMD over the past year. I had my right knee done twice; my neck done once; my right shoulder done once and my low back done once. Each of these areas have exhibited significant improvement. There is a vast improvement in pain levels in all areas. I will be returning to ThriveMD for a left knee injection next summer.

I previously worked as an Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant, and as such am very familiar with injuries (both chronic and emergent) and I have recommended Dr. Brandt to many people who are interested in improving their lives.” *

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Michael from Florida, Google+

Returned for Shoulder Treatment after Successful Knee & Achilles Tendon Procedure

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder

“Great experience. The Thrive team with Dr. Brandt is superb! Explanation of procedures is complete and understandable. The process is quick and very painless. The results are amazing! [Previous stem cell procedure of] Right knee, left Achilles tendon and [now] right shoulder showing miraculous improvement! Can run, jump, throw, ski and golf. Life is good!” *

Harvey from Vail Valley, Colorado, 1-month patient follow-up appointment

Attentive, Concerned & Caring

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

“Attentive, concerned & caring – doctor & staff.”*

Judith from Littleton, Colorado, 1-month patient follow-up appointment
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Avoided Knee Replacement and Back to Being Active

Stem Cell Treatment for Avoiding Knee Replacement

“I had stem cell therapy with Dr. Brandt one year ago and I am thrilled! I avoided knee replacement! I am able to do everything I want to do. I walk, swim and bike and have no discomfort. I highly recommend this therapy!” *

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Jan from Missouri, Facebook

Attentive, Concerned & Caring

Stem Cell Treatment  for Knees

“Attentive, concerned & caring – doctor & staff.” *

Judith from Littleton, Colorado, 1-month patient follow-up appointment

Avoided Knee Replacement and Back to Being Active

Stem Cell Treatment for Avoiding Knee Replacement

“I had stem cell therapy with Dr. Brandt one year ago and I am thrilled! I avoided knee replacement! I am able to do everything I want to do. I walk, swim and bike and have no discomfort. I highly recommend this therapy!” *

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Jan from Missouri, Facebook

Sever Knee Pain Gone, Back to Hiking & Skiing

Stem Cell Treatment for Meniscus Tear

“I was treated by Dr. Brandt for knee pain caused by meniscus tears. Prior to the treatment, February of 2013 I was unable to climb a flight of stairs or walk for more than a few city blocks without severe pain. After the recommended stem cell treatment I have been pain free for the past two years, and can once again enjoy an active life including hiking, and skiing. Dr Brandt and his staff are highly professional yet approachable.” *

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77 Years Young

Stem Cell Therpy for Hip Pain

“Had stem cell procedure for hip instead of replacement … have not taken a pain pill in the last two years. Wonderful treatment, staff and follow-up.” *

Posted on reviewsCynthia from Boynton Beach, Florida,

Pain Free Alternative to Hip Replacement for a Florida Golfer

Stem Cell Treatment For Hip Pain

“I am a very active, athletic 78 year old woman.  At the age of 64 I had my right hip replaced and was told that I would be a candidate for a replacement of the left hip at some time in the future. Two years ago, 2013, I reached that point. I consulted with Dr. Brandt and felt the advantages of Stem Cell therapy were worthwhile and certainly an easier procedure than a total hip replacement.

I certainly made the right choice. The care I received was wonderful and the procedures were pain free and quick. My recovery was uneventful  and I was able to return to Florida within days and then was back to my usual routine almost immediately. Now two years later I am pain free and am able to do all the activities I had been doing before. That includes gym training and playing golf weekly.

As I compare my experience with the many other seniors here in Florida, who have opted for traditional hip replacement, I am so grateful for choosing my course of treatment. I would recommend  Dr. Brandt and his staff for their caring, professional knowledge and expertise in this exciting new field of medicine.”*

Cindy from Boynton Beach, Florida, patient follow-up

Recommended Alternative to Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Treatment for Avoiding Knee Replacement

“Amazing bedside manner and my knees are feeling like new after my stem cell treatment!! Highly recommend this over knee replacement.”*

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Real and Amazing

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain

“This is not voodoo. This is real and amazing.” *

Bruce from Evergreen, Colorado, patient follow-up

Back to Workout and Running

Stem Cell Treatment For Knee Pain

“I have had several stem cell injections and my knee pain has improved continuously over 18 months.

I can now workout almost pain-free and even run once more! I would consider this therapy again for another joint.

Dr. Brandt and his staff have been wonderful and my experience at Thrive has been pleasing.”*Richard from Denver, Colorado, patient follow-up

Stem Cells Gave Hope

Stem Cell Therapy for Systemic Disease

“I would like to thank you and your staff for providing state of the art stem cell therapy. I realize Stem cell research is still in its infancy; however evidence is mounting that it is working. My husband is 4 years into an undiagnosed neurological problem that has mimicked MS, Parkinson’s, ALS and several other horrible diseases. Instead of waiting for him to get worse, we chose to visit your clinic. You not only listened to our plight but made me feel comfortable with your abilities to perform the procedure; a procedure that many hospitals are doing in trials currently! My husband made it through the procedure with very little discomfort and didn’t even need pain medication after.  Three months after we are noticing what appears to be steady and substantial improvement in his strength, balance and attitude. We are forever grateful that we did not have to travel to a foreign country to receive this procedure. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone considering this procedure. You gave us more than stem cells you gave us hope!” *

Judy from Olathe, Kansas, patient follow-up

Trust in Dr. Brandt

Stem Cell Therapy for Bilateral Hips

“Dr. Brandt is amazingly knowledgeable on the body mechanics in general and the ability for a stem cell procedure to help or not. I trust and respect his knowledge and capability.” *

Jeff from Denver, Colorado, patient follow-up
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Avoided Shoulder Replacement

Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulder, Wrist, & Thumb

“I have been completely satisfied with stem cell outcome – the left shoulder has 95% range of motion and the pain is significantly improved. My right thumb and wrist remain slightly problematic but are much improved. *AVOIDED SHOULDER REPLACEMENT” *

Jean from Vail Valley, Colorado, patient follow-up

Great Alternative to Surgery

Stem Cell Treatment For Replaced Knee

“The injections in soft tissue of left replaced knee have made a HUGE difference. The right knee is continuing to get better noticeably each week.  Everything I do is getting easier because I’m not in constant pain. I never want another knee replacement. My experience with Thrive has been enjoyable.” *

Brenda from Grandby, Colorado, patient follow-up

Never Another Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Treatment  for Knee and Achilles Tendon

“Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option. Dr. Brandt and his team are first class. I highly recommend them as your first choice!” *

Harvey from Vail Valley, Colorado, patient follow-up

Preventing Rotator Cuff Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy for Rotator Cuff

“Thrive MD healed my torn Rotator Cuff preventing me from shoulder surgery. I was golfing 6 weeks after treatment. Dr Brandt is the best.” *

Posted as a Facebook comment.

Debbie from Denver, Colorado, Facebook

61 Years Old and Back to Daily Gym and Colorado Golf

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Arthritis

“I am 61 yrs old. (Almost bone on bone both knees/had this stem-cell procedure done on both knees ) knees feel like when I was back in my twenties (pain free/and no more arthritis pain / walking UP stairs pain free). I tell everyone that has problems with there joints about this procedure and Highly recommend having this simple procedure done for PAIN-FREE-the-rest-of-your-life joints . Because I had this procedure done: I am back at the gym going 100% two hours a day on the elipticle machine and was able to lose in three months sixty pounds. My job is very physical at times… but now I physically feel I can do my job another ten years easily and I can play golf and run again pain free. It has been a long time since I could do that. I cannot thank Dr. Brandt enough.” *

Posted as a Facebook comment.

Tom from Arvada, Colorado, Facebook

Successful Alternative to Total Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Replacement Alternative

“I had knee issues for many years. My doctor told me it needed to be replaced several years ago, and the damage was too extreme to do only a partial knee replacement. I lived with the pain and when I was at the point of replacing the knee I found out about ThriveMD. I did the procedure and for over a year have been able to do things I hadn’t been able to do in many many years. I am still amazed at how effective the treatment is.” *

Posted on Google Review.

Sandy from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Google

Feeling Much Better One Month Post-Procedure

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain

“My knee feels so much better after stem cell therapy. I can do just about everything I want to do after only one month. I hope to be able to hike soon. Thanks Dr. Brandt!” *

Jan from Poplar Buff, Missouri, email

Fellow Physician Avoided Total Knee Replacement

Stem Cell Treatment for Avoiding Total Knee Replacement

“I am 58 years old and had been very active. My right knee had been getting progressively worse over the previous two years. An orthopedic surgeon told me that I had significant arthritis in the medial side of my knee and my best bet was a total knee replacement. He also mentioned that I might look into stem cell treatment. After a long discussion with Dr. Brandt and my own research, I decided to go ahead with his stem cell therapy regimen. The down time was minimal (especially compared to rehab after a total knee) and the results have been better than I hoped for. In the past month I have been on several long hikes with minimal pain. I forgot my walking sticks and hardly even noticed. Previously I would not dream of going for a hike without the sticks! As a fellow physician I found him thoroughly professional and well read on the subject. I had, and still, have no second thoughts about letting him stick a needle anywhere in my body (something I would not say about many physicians). His office is comfortable, very clean and I was quite pleased with his sterile technique. His office staff is welcoming and reassuring. Would not hesitate to go back for more!” *

Herb from Evergreen, Colorado, patient follow-up

Both Knees Pain Free

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain

First of all I’m glad I did both knees. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results,the left knee is like brand new, and the right knee is 100 % better than before and seems to getting better each week. I’ve been working out with the weights, getting stronger each week along with spinning on the bike two to three times a week. Should be good to go in time for ski season. Note both knees are pain free. I really feel the extra injections we did really turned the corner.

One suggestion: I really think taking at least 6 weeks after the procedure of taking it easy and let the stem cells do their thing will give the best results.” *Bob from Denver, Colorado, email

Pain Free and Excited About ThriveMD Experience

Stem Cell Treatment  for Hip Pain

“I just wanted to let you and Dr. Brandt know how well I am doing. I have been completely pain free for about five days. My strength in the hip is down but is coming back. I am very pleased with my results and am only sorry I won’t get to come visit you again. You are probably the happiest practice I have ever been involved with and I enjoyed my experience with all of you. Thank you.” *

Rick from Dallas, Texas, email

First Skiing in Three Years

Stem Cells for Knee Pain

“I had stem cell procedure done 6 months ago. Since that procedure I have been able to increase my activity with less pain. I recently skied for the first time in 3 years. I have noticed a decrease in pain as time has passed, constantly getting better. I also played golf without a brace on my knee which was not possible before the procedure.”*

David from Miami Beach, Florida, email

Back to Skiing and Golfing Colorado without Icing

Stem Cell Treatment for Knee Pain

Dear Dr. Brandt,

I am writing to you to give you an update in regards to my stem cell procedure of 11/25/2013-about 1 year post-op. My knee feels awesome!! I wish that I had done both!

Over the past 8-10 years ,I have consistently had to ice my knee [lost my acl in a high school football injury] after every 2-3 day ski trip. Since the procedure, I have had no swelling and no ice. I skied 7 days in a row over Christmas and never iced. I played golf all summer-walking the course and carrying my bag—no pain, no swelling, no ice.

I am convinced that my arthritis has moderated and that it is very plausible that I have better spacing in the joint. I have not had a new MRI, but the “before and after” would be fascinating.

At any rate,I wanted to offer a testimonial in writing—this has truly been a remarkable improvement, and postponing –or even avoiding—a knee replacement surgery has extended my powder days.

Thank you.”*John from Boulder, Colorado, email

Avoiding Ankle Fusion

Stem Cell Treatment for Ankle Pain

“I’d like to thank you for the outstanding treatment and progress on my ankle. I have been in pain with severe swelling for over two years. I have been seen by the best orthopedic surgeons we have in the Vail Valley, and all that I was told could be done was to have my ankle fused. I am only 50 years of age and thought there had to be something else available for treatment, as I was diagnosed with severe cartilage loss and arthritis. I was returning from a trip and read an article in a magazine regarding stem cell injections for chronic joint pain. It only takes a few hours and your own stem cells are used. I started researching and found Dr. Brandt, a local doctor in Edwards, who was performing this very treatment. I scheduled an appointment and brought him all my x-rays and reports from previous consults. Dr. Brandt felt he could help without having to have my ankle fused. I had the stem cell injection done and now I almost walk normal again and live without the severe pain.

Before I could not walk at all for long periods of time and was in constant pain, having to take an assortment of medications. In less than 5 months I can walk and swelling is down to minimal. I can ride a bike again and my health is returning. Dr. Brandt was also able to help me with my thyroid and hormone problems.

Words cannot express my gratefulness to you and your staff.”*Don from Vail Valley, Colorado, email

59 and Back to Skiing, Biking, Jogging

Stem Cells Treatment for “Bone-on-Bone” Knees

“I am a 59 yr-old never-die athlete.
I have recently had stem cell injections via Dr. Brandt.
My pain on a 10 scale prior was a 10, bone on bone, both knees..primed for replacement surgery.
My pain now is a 3, I’m skiing, biking, even jogging uphill.
I’m a believer.
“*Pat from Vail Valley, Colorado, email

Easy and Pain Free Procedure

Stem Cells Treatment for Both Knees and Rotator Cuff

I called Dr. Brandt’s office and they made everything so easy, I had a bit of anxiety as earlier in the spring I had a steroid shot at Mayo Clinic that was extremely painful. I received a call from the doctor to discuss my treatment options and his recommendations, his office staff responded to every call and email from me immediately. This office made me a priority and that was very important to me.

The procedure was so easy and pain free I did both knees and my left rotator. They did it under x-ray guidance and I could see exactly where my stem cells were going, right into the worn area of my knee cartilage and my cartilage soaked it right in. It was nice to see the doctor get excited about my body’s response.”*

The patient also underwent a tickle lipo procedure.Linda from Paradise Valley, Arizona, email

Off Pain Medication, Back to Mobility

Stem Cells Treatment for Both Knees


In 1964, the tips of my skis hit a snow bank and my bindings didn’t release. At the time I knew something very very bad had happened! In the olden days, osteoscopic surgery hadn’t been invented, so an incision was made from the medial clear across to the lateral knee and 80% of the cartilage was removed. Skip ahead 5 decades to an arthritic, painful knee that doesn’t work well at all (And since the other knee has been taking most of the walking brunt, it isn’t in good shape, either).

I was taking pain-pills just to get out of bed and be semi-functional. I asked the orthopedic surgeon at my HMO about alternatives (including stem-cell injections) and he tossed me a metal/plastic contraption that was about as big as a toaster (or so it seemed to me) saying that was as good as I could do.
I had been researching stem cell research for several years and throughout I would have to go out of the country for treatment (thereby risking unforeseen consequences then and in the future).
Through a series of synchronistic happenings, I discovered ThriveMD took stem cells from adipose tissue and mixed it with a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). They then inject it into joints with the aid of fluoroscopy. I decided to get the procedure, and was jumping off the table and home within two hours. After 10 days, there was no discomfort from the procedure and I began reducing my pain medication. As I write this love note to my benefactors, I haven’t had to take anything for pain!



Jane from Denver, Colorado, email
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