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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment administered to patients looking to maintain optimal hormone levels to treat issues such as low energy, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, lack of libido, and more. BHRT can also reduce the risk of the diseases associated with aging, such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis and dementia. 

ThriveMD offers BHRT treatments for adult men and women that are comprised of a combination of the following hormones specifically tailored to each patients individual needs:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Thyroid
  • Pregnenolone
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Peptides

ThriveMD’s founder and medical director, Scott Brandt, MD, relies on the use of extensive blood testing and thorough patient health and medical history evaluations to formulate an optimal hormone replacement regimen specifically tailored to each patient.

Many patients report experiencing positive results, including a renewed sense of energy, increased libido, and an improved sense of overall well-being shortly after beginning their BHRT regimen at our clinic, ThriveMD. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate every patient, and our clinic prides itself on being extremely responsive to our patients’ needs.  We offer unlimited consultations with Dr. Brandt as part of our annual hormone concierge program. 

ThriveMD is delighted to receive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy reviews on social media, as well as testimonials during patient follow-ups at our medical facilities in Vail & Denver, CO. Please post to review pages on Facebook, Google listing for Vail, or Google listing for Denver to share your story.

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if hormone replacement therapy may be able to help you.

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Losing Weight, Gaining Energy

BHRT for Women

“After years of struggling I finally feel like myself again. I am losing weight and have my energy back. Thank you for guiding me through this process and reassuring me all the way. You have been easy to communicate with, kind and responsive – can’t thank you enough!”*

Posted on FacebookCathryn B. C., Facebook

Great results from working with Dr. Brandt

BHRT for Men

“Started with Dr. Brandt 1 yr. ago. Results have been fantastic. My athletic stamina has improved dramatically, and I’ve lost approx. 15 lbs. and improved lean muscle mass. I would absolutely recommend working with Dr. Brandt.”*

Posted on Vitals.comLenny C., Vitals

Crazy Hormones Under Control

BHRT for Women & Stem Cells for Back Pain

“Dr. Brandt has not only helped me get my crazy hormones under control, but he recently did a stem cell procedure on my back. As a result, I am able to function virtually pain free for the first time in months! Everyone at ThriveMD Vail also made me feel very comfortable and handled every detail of my appointments with professionalism and promptness.
Thank you, Dr. Brandt, Debi, Alison, and Sue!”*

Posted on Google

Jenn from Boulder, Colorado, Google

Very Good – The Best


“Hormone Replacement Works and adds life to your years, and years to your life.”*

Posted on Vitals.comVail Valley patient, Vitals

Thrilled with the Progress

BHRT for Women

“I am so happy to have found Thrive this past summer. After being told by 3 Dr’s that I need a knee replacement I was feeling very discouraged. 2 1/2 years ago I had a very bad skiing accident and destroyed my tibial plateau. After surgery and physical therapy I was no where near where I wanted to be functioning physically. I couldn’t hike, ski, or basically do anything active without constant pain. I went to Thrive and got my hormones balanced, got my energy level back up to where I like it to be and had several stem cell treatments on my knee. It was not an instant fix, but over the past 6 months it has continually started to feel better. I just skied 3 hard days in a row in Beaver Creek, with no swelling and very little pain! I am back to functioning at about 80% of my capacity. I’m thrilled with the progress and hope to continue to improve as I continue to be active this winter. I am so happy not to have a knee replacement and to be able to keep my own knee. Thank you Dr. Brandt.“*

Posted on Google reviews

Karen from Littleton, Colorado, Google

Walk Through Walls, All Day Long

BHRT for Women

“Dr Brandt’s medicine is life giving. It is not a band-aid and not a temporary fix. He manages my bio-identical hormone replacement long distance, and the result is life changing. I once stopped taking the supplements for several months, because I was curious, and I quicky fell back into difficult mornings and unbearable fatigue in late afternoons. When I went back to Dr Brandt’s carefully balanced supplementation plan, I again felt that I could walk through walls, all day long. I can only imagine how much better my academic and work performance might have been, had I had this option 10, 20, and 30 years ago.“*

Posted on reviews

Billie, part-time Vail Valley, Colorado resident from Florida,

No More Osteopania

BHRT for Women

“Now that I’ve reached my very late 60’s I realize how lucky I am. Dr. Brandt has been treating me with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for 1 1/2 years and the results have been tremendous. I am now stronger more vibrant than ever. This season I skied 53 days without any incidents….just pure pleasure and always with a smile on my face. Life is certainly getting better with HRT. Dr. Brandt and his staff have been great. One of the most amazing things has been the result of my last bone density test. I went from osteopenia to NORMAL. Wow!. Thanks to Dr. Brandt and everyone at Thrive MD…..You are the Best!!!!!!

Posted on reviews

Susan, part-time Vail, Colorado resident,

Feeling Better than Ever


“Dr. Brandt is very knowledgeable in treating declining hormone levels. I feel better than ever. I thought feeling sluggish was part of aging. I was wrong. Now that I’m hormonally optimized, I have more energy and globally feel great. Dr. Brandt is warm and personable and cares about his patients.”

Posted on reviews

Why Is Just OK… OK?

BHRT for Men

“Did I need Hormone Replacement Therapy? Not me. Everything is OK. Dr. Brandt and his wonderful staff asked, “why is OK, OK? You can be better or great.” Retired in December as I approached the 70 mark and wanted to see how I could ski this season. With HRT I skied 57 days at Vail with almost 750,000 feet of vertical. Stamina was great. Never tired or winded. Skied everything, including Highline from top to bottom. Thank you Dr. Brandt and team!!!!!“*

Posted on reviews

Larry from Vail, Colorado,

Feeling Fantastic


“Feeling fantastic! I no longer feel my afternoon exhaustion and my energy and libido are significantly improved. Thanks to Dr. Brandt, I am hormonally optimized.“*

Posted on reviews

Looking Better Than Years Ago

BHRT for Women

I have worked with Scott Brandt, MD in various capacities since 1999. Since he now stays up in the mountains, I have entrusted my “aging” care to him as well as to some of my friends. Clinically trained friends and acquaintances to him for regenerative minimally invasive PRP and stem cell (with great success). Now as a patient of his in bioidentical hormones, I give him the highest rating possible. Everyone tells me I look better than I did years ago. Thank you, Dr. Brandt!“*

Joni from North Tonawanda, NY, LinkedIn

Lower Cholesterol and Enjoying the Outdoors

BHRT for Men

I came to Dr Brandt after fighting an escalating cholesterol problem compounded by a lack of testosterone in my system. After some analysis and looking into my current conditions Dr Brandt created a plan for my specific situation and it was put into motion. Today after my 6 week checkup I was talking with Dr Brandt about not realizing how lousy I originally felt with my very low testosterone situation and worrying about my cholesterol which seemed to keep rising even though I was adjusting my diet and exercise. Today I can say that my cholesterol went from 238 to 183 in 6 weeks and my testosterone levels continue to recover which has me feeling good again. The effect of his treatments has left me feeling solid and encouraged about my future and ability to keep enjoying the things I love to do outside! If you feel like you got run over by a bus every day, take some action. There is help available.”*

John from Vail Valley, Colorado, email

Having Fun Again

BHRT for Women

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you! With the program we are on my energy levels, attitude and consistent emotional state of years past is returning. And, the difference has been noticed at work resulting in great reviews and a promotion. At my age that is really surprising and unexpected! I know it is a combination of your program, physical fitness and my work ethic but it was not coming together before. In fact it felt like it was falling apart at times.

I am having fun again at work and after work! So thank you for the help.”*Charles from Little Rock, Arkansas, email

64 & Feeling 40 Again

BHRT for Women

“My first visit with Dr. Scott Brandt at ThriveMD was in March, 2013 and today, July 24, 2013, I feel like a new woman. I am 64 years old and I feel 40 again! Not only do I have energy, my skin looks fabulous, my “menopot” is gone, I sleep like a baby, I feel sensous, alive, sexy and my brain is working again. In addition, my total cholesterol went down over 70 points!! My regular MD had been trying to put my on medication for that for several years but I kept arguing that something was wrong, I had never had high cholesterol….now with balanced bioidentical hormones, my numbers went down on their own because that is my normal state. I am not the average 64 year old any more. I am an optimal feel-like-40, 64 year young woman!!! Dr. Brandt is a caring, thoughtful, brilliant doctor, and for me, a Miracle Worker!! I am sending all my friends to him because we have been forgotten by the regular medical professionals and it’s time to take back our lives!!”*

Lynn from Vail Valley, Colorado, email

Cholesterol, Statins & Homeopathics

BHRT for Women

I think this is pretty amazing. Enclosed are copies of most recent blood tests going back to 7/31/10. My cholesterol kept creeping up even though I have eaten healthy and exercised most of my life. Although some of the drugs I take for RA, mainly Humira, can make these figures higher, I was still concerned about these numbers. Dr. McSteven prescribed statins, which I took for about 3 months and hated. Not only did my cholesterol not go down significantly, but my memory and ability to recall anything was totally diminished. Against Dr. McSteven’s advise, I quite taking statins.

This past summer I started on hormone therapy at ThriveMD and the homeopathic Cardiac Essentials from Vail Valley Pharmacy. Last week I had blood work done for a pre-op exam. The results are really astonishing. Everything was well within normal range –first time in years! I think it’s good to have first hand positive results (right there in blood and ink!) from one of your patients. Thank you all so much!”*Marjorie from Vail Valley, Colorado, email


Stem Cells for Joints & BHRT for Men

“Before I could not walk at all for long periods of time and was in constant pain, having to take an assortment of medications. In less than 5 months I can walk and swelling is down to minimal. I can ride a bike again and my health is returning. Dr. Brandt was also able to help me with my thyroid and hormone problems.

Words cannot express my gratefulness to you and your staff.”*

Don from Vail Valley, Colorado, email

BHRT for Women

“Dear Dr. Brandt,

After all your help analyzing my health status, I want you to know that  I  FEEL  JUST    GREAT  !!!!!

Thank you for your expertise in enabling me to find the right hormones I need to feel as good as I do now.”*

Jane via Email

*Individual patient results may vary. Contact us today to find out if hormone replacement therapy may be able to help you.

Meet Our Doctor, Dr. Scott Brandt

Scott Brandt, MD

Dr. Scott Brandt completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and attended medical school at Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He then completed his anesthesiology residency training and internship at the University of Illinois and Michael Reese Hospitals in Chicago. Dr. Brandt has trained extensively across the country and become one of the nation’s top stem cell therapy doctors. He provides the highest quality patient care available. He continues to incorporate advancements in the field as rapidly as scientific evidence supports their addition. This combined with Dr. Brandt’s unparalleled expertise in minimally invasive injection techniques, utilizing live image guidance, allows him to ensure the best biologic solutions are placed exactly in the areas of tissue damage.

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